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Sissy Shopping ....I will take you by the hand my little sissy, we will go shopping together for your bras and panties, your skirts and dresses,
 your nightie, your pumps and sandals, your wigs, perfume, make-up and accessories. What fun it will be watching you try girlie things on for me.
 There may be times when I will send you off on your own wiggling your sissy hips through the mall and have you ask the
saleslady's for help buying what I want you to dress in. Regardless sissy, I will transform you into a pretty little girlie boy for all to see.
No more men's clothes for my little sissy, only pretty feminine things for my little sweetie.   

DressUP....I don't have to ask because I already know how you love the feel of a silk pair of panties caressing your little sissy clit and ass.
I know how feminine that pretty matching bra makes you feel as you fix it just right. I know that you love the lush feel of stockings
 as you slide them up your legs. I know how sexy you feel when you put on your tight dress or skirt,
and how very girlish you feel when they are instead ruffled and pink. I know how you love everything feminine on you.

Discipline...I lead You by leash or a handful of your hair across the room to my favorite place, the spanking bench. There I fastened your wrists
 and ankles securely to it. I rub my hand over your ass before I begin to slap it harder and harder bringing a pinkish red hue to it.
Your head spins in conflict as at once you hope that I am finished, but also hope that I won't stop. I walk to where the tools
of your discipline hang and select several - paddle , flogger, whip, cane, all to be used to inflict the pain you need, the pain you crave
for me to give you. I too want to enjoy your pain, to make you count the strokes and thank me for each, to see the tears well in your eyes,
to hear you scream, to see the welts rise on your ass, to hear you beg me to stop, but ignoring your pleas.
 Surrender your body to me! Surrender to the discipline you crave from the Goddess you desire!