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Suffer For Me and Obey Mistress Andrea!


Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Yahoo ID: Andreas.Playful
Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute


It is obvious that you have come to Me because you realize that you need a beautiful and powerful woman  to take control of your very existence. You need Me to control your every move, to tell you what to do and when you can do it. You need Me to make all of the decisions, to grant you permission, or deny you when I feel it is best or simply because I want to. You are a submissive and therefore My bitch; you exist solely to please Me, nothing more and nothing less.

To please Me you must give yourself to Me and serve Me obediently. To ensure this I have rules that You must follow; if you don't you will be punished severely, or I may simply send you away. Here are My rules which you must abide by at all times:


  1. I am your Mistress, and will be addressed at all times with complete respect.

  2. You are only allowed to call Me Mistress Andrea or Goddess.

  3. What pleases Me is all that matters. You are My bitch to be used in anyway that I see fit, subject to whatever abuse  and humiliation satisfy and amuse Me.

  4.  I will make all decisions, you will not think for yourself or make and assumptions. You may ask Me for permission to ask a question, but you
    may not do anything without first receiving My approval or direction to do so.

  5. As My bitch you will demonstrate absolute obedience, devotion, respect, loyalty and complete submission all times and without question; failure will be dealt with strictly.

  6. Yes Mistress or No Mistress are all that you are to answer unless I require further comment from you.

  7. As My bitch you will thank Me for your abuse, humiliation and punishment.

  8.  You will buy Me gifts to show your appreciation for My training you and allowing you to serve Me, and to further demonstrate the appropriate respect I justly deserve.

  9. You will never lie to Me or pretend to know something that you don't. If you do not know something you will tell Me and explain why you do not. 

  10. If I am agreeable to setting a specific day and time that you may come to Me for My use and amusement you must keep your commitment. If you are unable to make a session due to an extraordinary circumstance, you are to either email Me or call Me beforehand;  or if absolutely necessary, as quickly as possible after your originally scheduled session time. If I am busy when you call you are to continue to try to reach Me.

  11. Unless I instruct you to do so, you will not call or serve another Mistress.

  12. You are never to cum unless explicitly allowed to by Me; and if I do allow you to cum, you will lick it all up and swallow it if I require you to do so.

  13. Between sessions you are not allowed to touch your bitch clit, nor if you are a sissy and/or faggot allowed to pleasure your mouth or ass pussy without My express direction to do so.

  14. If I require, you will obtain a chastity device of an agreed upon kind and  lock your bitch clit in it each night, more often if practical to do so.

  15. As My bitch I will assign you words by which you are only allowed to refer to yourself as; amongst those will be:  sissy faggot, sissy, faggot, sissy boy, sissy girl, cum eating cockwhore, cock slut, cum slut, queer,  bitch, sissy bitch,  faggot bitch, slave, property, it, itself or any like terms that  I designate.

  16. You may never use the words i or me, and in correspondence you may only use the words we and us when the situation warrants and only in proper context  W/we U/us which shows your subservience to Me.

  17. Sissies are to be pantied 24/7 and pee sitting."  Sissies are also required to endure their period
    the last week of each month. During that week Sissies are to be plugged 24/7 with a tampon and have their panties lined with Kotex pads".


  18. Faggots are not allowed to suck any cocks or get ass fucked without My permission.

  19. Cuckolds are not real men and only allowed to dream about fucking a woman.

    Call Mistress Andrea for your training.
    toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute

Longer Blocks of time available