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Below are some stories about feminization, forced femme, and cuckold, original and some are by myself in collaboration with my property Sissy Cassie. I hope that you enjoy them.

Story #1 - Fluffer for Mistress Andrea and her big cocked boyfriend...this story is how Mistress dominated her faggot, having the faggot suck her boyfriend's cock to get it ready for her.

Story #2 - Mistress Andrea Pimps out her sissy  - Mistress fucks sissy ass and mouth, then sends her sissy out to earn money for her.

 Story #3 - The Surprise  - Here is a story about me, and my friend Mistress Alana, and her sissy Jen, what we do on a boring afternoon, to amuse ourselves with our sissy's...  hope you enjoy this feminization sissy phone sex story.

Story #4- Walk in the Park  -"A Sissy Cassie Cock Sucker Story that you have been waiting for.."

Story #5  - The Parade - Sissy Cassie and Sissy Jen suck off the football team before the Parade.

Story #6 - Trip to the Park - New Sissy Cock Sucking Story!

Story #7 - Sissy Gets Spanked - Discipline and Humiliation of a Disobedient Sissy Cassie

Story #8 The Nightclub - a night of sissy faggot cock sucking!

Story #9 The Progression - story of cuckold submission !  (submitted by an admirer)

Story #10 The Cleanup - cuckold cream pie story

Story #11 - THE MALL- Sissy Cassie goes to the Mall with his Mistress,
to buy Pinafore's and Shoes and Socks to be a Sissy Maid for Mistress Andrea.
Lot's of public humiliation.

Story #12  The Brand

Story #14 Sex Slave Auditions - Cassie tests the slaves for his Mistress

Story #15 Naughty Sissy Faggot - Learn how pain is the constant companion for what her Faggot will suffer!

Story #16 Why She Cheats - story of cuckold submission sent in by an admirer

Story #17 Forced to suck part 1 - story of sissy submission

Story #18  Forced to suck - Part 2 - total submission, cbt, humiliation and more of Sissy Cassie

Story #19 Walk in Park - Cassie gets a surprise from his Mistress Andrea!

Story #20 Ass Pussy Training Part 1

Story #21 Ass Pussy Training Part 2

Story #22 - Sissy Cassie at the Glory Hole

Story #23  - Cuckold Love

Story #24 Sissy Milking

Story #25  - Faggot sucks cock - Story about Cassie getting used like a cum bucket.

Story #26  2 Cocks - cuckold dream cum true

Story #27  Gag the Fag.. Cassie cleans up, serves at a party and is caned!

Story #28 - Cuckold sex in the car.. faggot eats it!

Story #29  Mistress Beats those balls....

Story #30 Cucky in the Closet - cuckold suffers as his Mistress
enjoys a real man

Story #31 - Sissy Cassie learns it's lesson.... discipline to the extreme

Story #32 - Sissy Cassie forgets chastity device, and gets it's balls busted!

Story #33  Sissy for Sale

Story #34 - Turning Cuckold part 1

Story #35 - Turning Cuckold part 2

Story #36 - Turning Cuckold part 3

Story #37  Turning Cuckold Part 4

Story #38 Turning Cuckold Part 5

Story #39  Turning Cuckold Part 6

Story #40  Turning Cuckold Part 7

Story #41  Turning Cuckold Part 8

Story #42  Turning Cuckold Part 9

Story #43  Turning Cuckold Part 10

Story #44  Turning Cuckold Part 11

Story #44  Turning Cuckold Part 12

Story #44  Turning Cuckold Part 13

Story #45  Turning Cuckold Part 14

Story #46  Turning Cuckold Part 15

Story #47  Turning Cuckold Part 16

Story #46  Turning Cuckold Part 17

Story #47  Turning Cuckold Part 18

Story #48   Shopping for a New Sissy

Story #49   Shopping for a New Sissy #2

Story #50  Ashley's Lover - Little dick humiliation for Lawrence