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Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute

Below are some stories about feminization, forced femme, and cuckold, original and some are by myself in collaboration with my property Sissy Cassie. I hope that you enjoy them.

Sissy Faggot Cassie was in the living room dusting when Mistress Andrea walked in and approached him. Sissy Faggot immediately stopped dusting and bowed his head as he stood before Her. "Look at Me faggot." She ordered. When Sissy Faggot Cassie did so Mistress Andrea grabbed him by the hair and began to slap his face hard repeatedly. When Mistress Andrea stopped Sissy Faggot Cassie, with confusion in his eyes asked "Mistress, please what did sissy do?" "Shut up you fucking faggot and get out of your dress." She replied sternly. Sissy Faggot quickly removed his dress and then Mistress Andrea ordered "Pull your panties down faggot." Sissy Faggot Cassie hesitated which brought another slap so hard that it knocked him off balance and careening to the floor. "Get up you fucking faggot before I stomp your balls." Mistress Andrea screamed at him. Sissy Faggot Cassie quickly rose and as he did Mistress Andrea sternly said, "Don't make Me repeat myself again faggot pull those panties down." Sissy Faggot Cassie's heart began to race as he knew that he was about to truly feel Mistress Andrea's wrath. "Where's your chastity device faggot?" She asked pointedly. Sissy Faggot Cassie in a pleading voice replied, "Sissy is so sorry Mistress!. Sissy took it off when showering, and then was in such a hurry to get to its chores that Sissy forgot to put it back on. Sissy was afraid to tell You that it wasn't on." "How could you forget to put in on and how dare you be a sneak about it you fucking bitch? How many other times has it been off without My knowledge?" Mistress Andrea asked angrily. "Never Mistress Andrea" responded Sissy Faggot "Never." Mistress Andrea stood looking at Sissy Faggot for a moment and then kicked him hard in the balls bringing a scream as sissy fell to his knees clutching himself. "Stay there you fucking bitch" ordered Mistress Andrea.

Mistress Andrea soon returned and ordered Sissy Faggot Cassie to get up. "Lock your hands behind your head and spread your legs faggot." She ordered. With his balls exposed Mistress Andrea began to slap them hard with a riding crop bringing cries of pain from Sissy Faggot Cassie. As She continued to beat his balls Mistress Andrea said, "You fucking faggot's never learn and never can be trusted. Well that's fine with Me as I take great pleasure in beating your balls "

Once She stopped beating Sissy, Mistress Andrea grabbed him by the hair and dragged him down the hall to the discipline room. She proceeded to cuff Sissy's wrists and ankles and chained the cuffs to the cross. Mistress Andrea then put on rubber gloves and layered a thick coat of icy hot on Sissy's balls, clitty and forced some into his pee hole. She then attached leads from an electro unit to his ball sack and  
turned the unit on high. The combination of the electricity and ice/hot brought intense pain and screams from Sissy Faggot. "We'll see how you like that for the next half hour, and if it helps you to remember in the future you little fucking faggot," said Mistress Andrea with disdain as She walked away and closed the door behind Her.

When Mistress Andrea returned, Sissy Faggot Cassie was in excruciating pain, tears rolling down his face. Mistress Andrea took off the leads, uncuffed Sissy, switched him around and refastened him to the cross. Mistress Andrea proceeded to cane his exposed ass until it was completely welted and bleeding. "Hang there awhile you fucking piece of shit and when I return again I'll decide if you'll get even more." Mistress Andrea said disgustingly. Sissy Faggot Cassie hung there crying from the intense pain that his Mistress had inflicted upon him.

When Mistress Andrea reappeared, Sissy Faggot Cassie was still whimpering, and Mistress Andrea soaked a towel in alcohol and pressed it against his ass which brought renewed screams. Mistress Andrea then released Sissy from the cross and grabbed him by the hair and asked "Going to forget your device again faggot?" "No Mistress" whimpered Sissy in response. "I should think not faggot but I'll be happy to remind you again. Now, clean yourself up, get that device on and get back to your chores you fag." "Yes, Mistress" replied Sissy Faggot Cassie has he meekly moved off.