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Ashley's Lover - Little dick humiliation for Lawrence

"So Ashley, I am dying to hear all about your new lover!" exclaimed Bridgett as she and Ashley's other girlfriends sipped some wine in the living room.  "Well, his name is Zack, he's black and simply gorgeous; tall, and very well built!   And his cock, oh my gosh, it is huge!  gushed Ashley adding, "I had cuck boy over there measure it; it is 12 inches long and  6 inches around. Mmmm, he knows how to fuck a woman!. Don't you agree cuckold?"

Lawrence didn't respond he kneeled with his head bowed, too embarrassed to answer. "Oh, Ashley's little hubby is too embarrassed to answer," said Bridgett mockingly.  "What's the matter cuckold, is your wife's lover's cock so much bigger than yours?"  All of the woman laughed. They had all been made aware sometime ago, that Ashley had cuckolded him. 

"Come and tell the girl's if Zach's cock is much bigger than yours," said Ashley.  Lawrence kept his head bowed, and whispered yes. "We couldn't hear you cuck boy. Now, speak up and tell us," Ashley demanded.  "Yes it is," responded Lawrence. "Does Lawrence have a teenie weenie cock?" asked Bridgett, adding  "tell us Lawrence how tiny is your cock?"

The Women again broke out into laughter as his face flushed again in embarrassment. "Better yet cuckold, stand up and pull down those pink panties and show everyone,  the girls have never seen it before," instructed his wife.  "Please no! he whimpered, but Ashley responded  " now do as I say and stand up and pull those panties down and show them you cuckold."

Lawrence stood up and pulled his panties down to his knees, and took his cock out from between his legs. This brought immediate laughter. Bridgett then said mockingly, "what the fuck is that supposed to be?  I can't. Imagine that undersized excuse for a cock is even big enough to stroke with your thumb and fore finger.  Talk about having a small cock, shit Lawrence one could say you don't even have a cock."

With all of them laughing Ashley said. "show them how you stroke it, and show them how big it gets," ordered Ashley.  Lawrence could only stroke it with his thumb and fore finger. He started to and after several strokes, he stopped.   "That's it, that is fucking it!  exclaimed Bridgett adding "what is it maybe 2 inches?  You have got to be fucking kidding me!"  The women's laughter was now more like howls.  "What in the world Ashley, made you marry this fuck?"  asked Bridgett.
"I like a to fuck a lot of different men, and cuck boy over here has a really great paying job, so while I fuck, he works, and I control all of the money. It is a perfect set-up!"