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When he arrived home from work she was sitting in the living room having a glass of wine. "How was my little man's day?" she asked in a somewhat mocking tone. "It was okay," he replied and added, "did the cable guys run the extra lines?" "Yes, they did, they did a very good job, in fact such a good job, I fucked the both of them.  What made it extra nice was that one was white and one was black, you know how I love variety. Both men were attractive, with hard bodies and nice sized cocks. Really good fucks, the both of them.  Wish you had been here to see them, and maybe gotten them hard for me, but not to worry little man, they left some present's for you." She said with a smile across her face. "Kneel on the floor in front of this chair little man, I'll be right back," she ordered.  He did as he was told, he always did.  As she walked back into the room she held her hands behind her back, then stood in front of him and with a mocking smile dangled two condoms filled with cum in front of his face. "As you are well aware. I usually let the guys I fuck, cum in my pussy so you have to clean it out, but I decided since it was early today when they fucked me, to have them wear condoms so I could save their cum juice for you. Of course I had to tell them why I didn't want them to throw their condoms away. They looked incredulously at me, but I told them I'd email them pictures of you drinking up their man juice, and if they found that amusing, to let me know if they'd like to come back and fuck me again while you're here. Now let's see which is the chocolate and which is vanilla; hmm, I can't seem to remember. Oh well, it doesn't matter because you are going to drink up and swallow every drop of cum from both of them. Hold this one and don't drop it I am going to put a small hole in the bottom of this one and squirt the cum out into your mouth. Open wide little man!"  She began to slowly force the cum out of the hole in the condom dripping the cum into his mouth.  "Taste good cuckold?" she asked and then ordered, "hold the top of this condom and suck on the bottom of the condom and drink it all." He did as he was told and while doing so she began to take pictures of him sucking out the cum from her lover's condom. When he had finished draining it she said, "now pull it apart and lick around the inside.  That's it, jerk off lick it clean while I snap some more pictures.  Now open up the other condom and suck down that cum. Good boy you got every drop, they'll love these pictures. How does it feel being a cuckold cum slut, you pathetic little fuck? Hey, instead on me sending the pictures to them, you will, and you'll thank them for letting you drink their cum, and you'll ask them to come over Friday night to fuck me again. Get to the computer and do it now! I love humiliating the shit out of you."

That Friday night he watched as she dressed in a very sexy black lace bra and panty set, spike heels and a short black silk robe. She looked over at him with a mocking stare, walked over to her dresser and selected a pair of flowered silk panties. "Get your clothes off little man and put these panties on," she ordered.  "Please no." he responded meekly.  In a stern tone she said, "do it cuckold, or your ass will be out the door, and for good.  You're not a fucking man anyway!  What man would allow his wife to be fucked by another, let alone be a cum eater.  Now hurry up and get the panties on they'll be here soon!"  He slipped on the flowered panties and moments later the door bell rang. His heart sank and his face immediately grew flush.  "Answer it" she commanded. He went to pull on his pants, but she yanked them away saying, "no way cuckold, swish your hips and answer the door in your panties."  "Please don't make me, please," he cried.  She walked quickly up to him and slapped him hard across the face saying, "answer the fucking door in your panties now or get your clothes on and get out of this house. You have two seconds to make up your mind."  He looked down and began to walk towards the door to answer it.  "Get the hips swaying and keep them swaying, cuckold," she mocked.

He opened the door and immediately the two men broke out into laughter.  He said nothing and just lead them to the living room where she stood provocatively waiting.  "So gentlemen, what do you think of the cuckold's panties, aren't they pretty?" she asked in an amused and mocking tone. "Very" said the black guy, adding, "and you look absolutely gorgeous."  She smiled and walked up to them and embraced each in a long kiss.  They immediately started to fondle her and as they did she looked over at him with a smirk. "Lead us to the bedroom cuckold, and sway that ass!" she ordered.  "Has he always been a faggot?" the white guy asked.  "Up to this point he has primarily been a cum cleaner and effectively a maid, though on occasion I have had lovers who have agreed to either let cuckold stroke or suck them for me; to get them ready for my pussy," she responded. Then she asked, "are either or both of you willing to let cuckold do that, watching that really excites me?"  The men looked at each other, and the black guy said, "sure, why not."  "Excellent, I do want to get him to the point of being a full fledged faggot."  He fell more into despair as he heard all of this, but he didn't have the will to leave her.

When they reached the bedroom, she told him to help the men get undressed.  Both had perfect bodies and she lusted for them.  The men walked over to her and again began to kiss and fondle her, slowly taking off her robe, and then her bra and panties. Their mouth's caressed her sumptuous breasts, and fingers found their way to her clit.  He knelt watching this wishing that it was him making love to her, but he had failed to please her too often before, and she told him that all he'd ever be able to do was lick her asshole, and lick her lovers cum from her pussy. 

"Crawl over here cuckold," she demanded.  As he did the men began to laugh.  "Take both cock's in your hands and stroke them nice for me," she ordered.  As the cocks began to grow she said, "keep stroking and take turns licking and mouthing the heads of their cocks."  He looked up at her for a moment with pleading eyes, but she sternly said, "do it!"  He began to lick and mouth the white guy's cock, then did the same with the black guy's, and went back and forth until they were both rock hard.  "Enough!" she said, "kneel by the bed and watch as they fuck me like you never could, you pathetic little piece of shit."     

The men took turns fucking her and filling her pussy with their cum. Once her appetite for them was filled she said, "get over here boy and lick their cum out of my pussy.  Swallow every drop like the little pathetic cuckold bitch that you are!  That's it boy lick it up, lick it up."  As he knelt before her pussy licking and swallowing the cum, the men stood and laughed and joined in verbally abusing him.

After the men dressed she gave each a long, passionate kiss and told them to come back soon. "Thank the men for their cum, and letting you stroke and mouth their cocks cuckold," she ordered. "Thank you for letting me swallow your cum and for allowing me to stroke and mouth your cocks," he said ashamedly. "Now walk my lovers to the door, and swish those hips." They all started to laugh at him.

Once the men left she said "run me a bath.  I want to relax and think about how gorgeous they are, and how great their cocks felt inside of me. Too bad you have a useless cock, but don't worry I take great pleasure in humiliating and debasing you, and will continue to do so. Don't brush your teeth nor rinse your mouth out tonight, I want you to taste them all night long. After you run my bath get out of my sight and go to sleep in the closet. Oh and keep the panties on." He hung his head in shame, never able to find the courage to challenge her.