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After Sissy Cassie had taken care of Mistress Andrea's breakfast and other needs,  and completed his chores, Mistress told Sissy to change into a pink outfit consisting of leggings, mid-drift tee shirt, lace bra and panty, pumps and ribbons as she had a shopping assignment for him. Sissy hurried off to get ready and came to Mistress in the living room so she could inspect him and give him his assignment.  "I want Sissy to go to the lingerie store and purchase silk and/or lace thong panties to match every color bra he has, buy two or three pairs for each color," instructed Mistress. Mistress also said, "Sissy, if a guy tries to pick you up while you are out you are to let him do so.  Sissy is to make sure that he sucks the guy's cock. Remember, Sissy is a faggot cock whore, and whores take cock whenever and wherever they can get it."  "Mistress, may Sissy ask a question said Sissy Cassie.  "Yes Sissy may," responded Mistress Andrea. "If Sissy does get picked up, is he to call you when this happens?" asked Sissy.  "Yes, I want to hear the sounds of Faggot licking, sucking and gagging on the cock and slurping all of that cum down," replied Mistress. "Just one more question please Mistress," Sissy asked meekly.  "What is it," Mistress wearily responded.  "If the man doesn't want his cock sucked then, but wants Sissy's phone number, so he can take Sissy on a date what does Mistress want me  to do?" asked Sissy.  "Sissy will answer, no thank you," said Mistress Andrea. "The only relationships Sissy will have with men is as a whore.  Sissy will suck cocks and take them in his faggot ass pussy, there will be no other relationships with any man. I own Sissy and nothing will ever interfere with that unless I allow it. Now get that faggot ass moving to the store and get back here; this afternoon Sissy's ass pussy training will begin."

Sissy Fag's trip to the lingerie store at the mall was uneventful other than
the snickering laughs of people who saw him. When he returned home, Mistress was relaxing in the living room and Sissy knelt before her and laid his new thong panties out so Mistress could inspect them.  "Very good my little faggot, said Mistress, "these will make for easy access to Sissy's ass for discipline or fucking, or just for me and anyone else to see Sissy's tattoo Mistress'a sissy faggot."   "Now Sissy, it is time to train that ass pussy to accept cock and learn how to fuck them good. Go strip down to just your bra, stockings, and pumps and get on the spanking bench.  "Yes Mistress," replied Sissy as he hurried off.  Mistress strapped Sissy securely to the bench and as she was about to put on a latex glove she looked at Sissy's ass and said,  "that Sissy ass is too tempting to pass up giving a beating to,  let's get it nice and red and hot before I begin to fuck it."

 Mistress walked to where her discipline implements hung and selected a leather strap. She measured her stroke and began to lash her Faggot's ass, each stroke harder than the next causing Sissy to scream with each lash.  Mistress took great pleasure in inflicting pain, and wasn't satisfied until her Faggot's ass was very red and bruised from the beating she gave it. "I love beating my Faggot, it makes me hot and wet," said Mistress before she walked, away allowing Sissy to lay sobbing on the bench for awhile.  When she returned Mistress Andrea put on the latex glove and dripped some lube on Sissy's ass pussy hole.  Mistress rubbed the lube on the outside of Sissy's faggot ass pussy, then gently began to push her middle finger inside moving further and further into it. "Such a tight little ass pussy, we'll have to give this a lot of training before it can properly fuck a real man's cock," said Mistress.  She continued to move her finger in and out and around inside, then dripped more lube near his hole and inserted a second finger. "How does that feel Faggot?" asked Mistress.  "It hurts" responded Sissy. Mistress gave a chuckle and said, "this is only the beginning Faggot, I only have two fingers inside and there's three more to go before I start fucking Sissy with my strap-on. I am going to stretch that ass pussy of Sissy's good before I pound it with my cock. I can't wait for the day when I take Sissy to the fag bar, and sit and watch as they pass my Faggot around fucking both of Sissy's faggot holes at the same time and fill them with cum."  Mistress gradually worked her way up to putting all of her fingers in Sissy's ass pussy, moving them in and out and around, forcing them in as far as she could.  When Mistress felt that she had opened Sissy up enough she stopped to put on her strap-on with a 7 inch thick dildo, and then began to fuck Sissy, slowly moving it inside her Faggot until it was all the way in.  "Feels good doesn't it Sissy?" said Mistress, as she began to move the dildo in and out. " I love fucking little Sissy boys."  Sissy began to moan, and Mistress said "take it my little cock whore."

 As she began to fuck Sissy's ass pussy faster and harder, Sissy began to scream and Mistress slapped his ass as she pumped away. When Mistress was done fucking Sissy she told him that she would be back soon and that Sissy would be fucked again. Sissy was left tied to the bench and he wondered how much more his ass was going to have to take.  Mistress re-entered the room and said to Sissy, "do you like your cocksucking training? Your ass pussy training will be conducted repeatedly and for hours on end;  I bought a new toy just for this."  Sissy heard Mistress walk to the corner of the room and then heard her rolling something as She walked back.

Sissy felt a dildo by his ass pussy hole and felt lubricant being dripped on it. Sissy then felt the head of the dildo being slowly pushed into his ass pussy and then heard the sound of a machine as the dildo started moving in and out of it. Mistress said to Sissy, "I will be going out for a few hours so I need to get the speed just right on this fucking machine so that I can be sure that it stays inside of my little Faggot's ass pussy while I'm gone."  Once she was satisfied Mistress said, "now my little Faggot don't get too excited by all of the fucking that ass pussy is about to get, when I get back if I see that Sissy's clitty dripped I am going to beat Sissy's balls but good.  Remember no matter how much Sissy wants to cum you are never allowed to without My permission."  "Yes Mistress," replied Sissy.  Mistress left and didn't come back for three hours; all the while the fucking machine did it's job and Sissy alternated between beginning to love being fucked and wishing that it would end as his ass pussy hurt from the relentless pumping.  When she returned Mistress entered the room and asked, "so how is my Faggot, is he enjoying being fucked?"  "Please Mistress, please let it stop, Sissy can't take any more, my ass really hurts," cried Sissy. "Well maybe for a little while, I am hungry anyway so I need Sissy to make Me something to eat."  replied Mistress.  "Thank You Mistress" replied Sissy.  Mistress released Sissy from the bench and started to laugh as Sissy tried to take a few steps. Mistress told Sissy, "go take a shower and douche that ass pussy, then get changed and get me some wine and something to eat. Sissy will be back on the bench later for another two hours of ass pussy training," said Mistress. "Yes Mistress," said Sissy as he  went and did as he was told.

After taking care of Mistress's need's Mistress ordered Sissy back to the training room. "Get those panties off Sissy Faggot and get on the bench," instructed Mistress. Sissy did as he was told and Mistress strapped him tightly to the bench. "As promised Faggot," said Mistress, "another two hours of ass pussy training." This time I am going to speed the machine up more.  I want that ass reamed but good; it is the way that real men will fuck a little faggot like Sissy, no need to please the bitch, just hump and cum.  My pussy gets wet just thinking about watching Sissy getting fucked and fucked like a whore. Maybe Sissy, I will have another tattoo put on that other ass check , yes, I will it will read Mistress faggot whore,  Mistress then moved the machine forward, lubed Sissy's ass and moved the head of the dildo into it. She started the machine with a gradual pace just long enough to let the lube work its way in, then Mistress turned the speed up where she wanted it and left Sissy moaning and groaning as his ass was rapidly fucked.

 Mistress returned after two hours and laughed as she looked at Sissy's pleading face. "Okay Faggot, enough fucking for tonight, there will be plenty more tomorrow."  Mistress unstrapped Sissy and said, "Knell in front of that dildo and clean it good with that fag mouth. It is just one more thing Faggot that real men will require when they are done with you. When Sissy is done he is to go and douche that pussy, get into his nightie and off to bed, I want to begin Sissy's ass training bright and early tomorrow."  "Yes Mistress," replied Sissy as he  went about licking and sucking the dildo clean, then off to get ready for bed.