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Ass Pussy Training Part 2

When Sissy Faggot Cassie woke the next morning his ass pussy was still sore from
all of the fucking it had taken the day before. Sissy got out of his pink baby doll
nightie and panty, and slipped into the baby blue bra and panty set, nude stockings
and blue pumps that Mistress Andrea had set out for him the night before and went
off to ready Mistress breakfast. Sissy Faggot did not hear Mistress come up behind
him as he was preparing her omelet and was startled when he felt her hand rubbing
his ass. "So how is my little Sissy Faggot's ass pussy this morning?"
asked Mistress. "It is sore Mistress," replied Sissy. "Well if Sissy
had grown up to be a real man you wouldn't have to worry about such things because
your ass would not be your pussy. However, you grew up to be a Sissy and sissies
are faggots and faggots have ass pussies that get fucked don't they?" said
Mistress. "Yes Mistress," replied Sissy. Sissy served Mistress her omelet
and as he was about to knell at her side to wait for anything else that she needed,
Mistress told Sissy to crawl under the table and pleasure her as she ate. Mistress
had taught Sissy to use his tongue well and as she began to orgasm she grabbed
the back of Sissy's head and forced her pussy into his face. After Mistress
came she told Sissy to standup and not move from where he stood. Mistress went to
the training room and slipped on her strap on and inserted a thick 8 inch dildo.
When she returned to the kitchen Mistress forcibly bent Sissy over the table, roughly
pulled his panty down and shoved her dildo into his ass pussy. Mistress began to
fuck Sissy hard, grabbing him by the hair, and forcing her cock all the way up inside
of his ass pussy. "Come on Bitch, fuck my cock, come on, you fucking Sissy Whore,
fuck it," ordered Mistress as she thrust the cock into Sissy. Sissy rocked
back and forth on Mistress's cock, keeping pace with her. Fucking Sissy made Mistress
cum again, and when she was done having her orgasm, she pulled Sissy off the table and forced
him to its knees and said, "clean up time Faggot, lick all of that filth off
of my cock like the dirty little Faggot Whore that you are." 

When Sissy was done Mistress told him to clean the dishes, and then make his way to the training
room. Sissy did as he was told and found Mistress waiting for him.  "Pull your
panties down to your ankles and get on the spanking bench."  Mistress ordered.
Mistress secured Sissy's wrists and ankles and said, "this morning has started
off just wonderfully; and I know that you are anxious to get that ass pussy fucked
more, but first a good beating.  Mistress took her single tail whip and
gave Sissy repeated hard lashes until his ass was crimson red and welts appeared.
Sissy's eyes were filled with tears and he cried. "Um, nicely marked."
said Mistress as she rubbed her hand over Sissy's ass. "Time to be fucked
Faggot," said Mistress as she rolled the fucking machine forward.  She lightly
lubed the machine's 8 inch dildo and set the speed low to get it started. Once
Mistress was happy that the dildo was properly penetrating Sissy's ass pussy
she turned up the speed and Sissy almost immediately started to moan. "Sissy
really is a whore," said Mistress as she listened to Sissy's moans.  "Well
that's good because soon enough I am going to begin to pimp Sissy out to make
money for Me. Two hours of being fucked, Sissy, then a short break then two hours
again and so on. This is how it will be all day until Sissy's bed time for the
next few days. I want that ass pussy good and trained."

By early evening Sissy was just finishing having his ass pussy fucked for two hours,
for the fourth time. As Mistress was backing the fucking machine dildo out of his
ass pussy, she noticed some blood and said, "don't move Sissy, that ass pussy
is bleeding and I will not stand for ruined panties."  Mistress went and got
a tampon and forced it into Sissy's hole.  "Get up and go make my dinner,
and then after I allow Sissy to eat, it's back on the machine." Sissy looked
at Mistress with pleading eyes, but before he could ask permission to speak, Mistress
said, "it's not my fault that you didn't grow up to be a real man, but
since you didn't, and you are my Sissy property, I will do with you as I see fit.
Aside from being my slave, I want my Sissy to be a cock whore and I intend for you
to be the best cock whore plying his ass for money down at faggot row. Of course
if Sissy doesn't want to be my cock whore you can sway your faggot ass out the
door and not come back. There are plenty of little sissy faggot's that would welcome
serving me." "No, Mistress please never send Sissy away, it will do whatever
You want," cried Sissy. "Yes I thought so," said Mistress.

Sissy endured two more days of repeated ass pussy fucking's, and had to continue
to insert tampons, as his ass pussy still dripped blood. When Sissy rose on the fourth
day, he  was expecting another day of seemingly constant ass pussy fucking, but instead
Mistress said, "I want you to soak your ass in a warm bath several times today.
Tonight Faggot we are going back to the fag bar. I have made arrangements with the
bartender to bring you back for another fag break-in party. He has lined up the
twenty fags who broke in Sissy's fag mouth for cock sucking to return and break
that ass pussy in with their cocks."  Sissy began to panic and looked wide eyed
at Mistress with fright.  Mistress chuckled and said, "don't worry Sissy,
I will be there, I wouldn't miss phase 2 of my Faggot's coming out party
for anything. I can't wait to watch, as one after the other, those fags fill your
sissy ass pussy with their cum, and make you clean their cocks with your fag mouth.
Just think, after tonight Sissy will be ready to spend every Friday and Saturday
night whoring downtown on fag row, making money for me. Now off you go to pamper
your ass, tonight will be here before Sissy knows it."

When evening came Mistress fashioned an all red outfit for Sissy, bra and panty,
thigh hi stocking, 5 inch fuck me pumps, skin tight very short mini, and tight pull
over top.  She decided to put Sissy's make-up on in dark shades to give him a
whore like look.  As they were ready to leave Mistress placed a red slave collar
around Sissy's neck and attached a red leash to it.  She lead her still panicking
Sissy to the car and drove off to the fag bar.  Mistress glanced at Sissy and said,
"Sissy needs to make sure that by the time we reach the bar he settles his
little nerves down. I expect you to fuck each and every cock with passion. If Sissy
causes me any embarrassment I will not wait until we get home to beat you, there
is a cane in the trunk and I will beat Sissy's ass raw in front
of everyone."  Sissy just stared ahead which caused Mistress to reach over and
pull him hard by the hair to face Her "have I not made myself clear Faggot?"
screamed Mistress. "Yes Mistress, Sissy wasn't ignoring you he is just
very scared," he meekly replied. "Well stop being scared Faggot,"
said Mistress, "it's not like Sissy hasn't had all of their cocks before,
just this time they'll be in your ass pussy instead of your mouth; though if
they ask me nicely, they can fuck both of Sissy's fag holes at the same time.
I'd love to see Sissy being filled with cum in both ends."

When they arrived Mistress lead Sissy by his leash and entered the fag bar. The bartender
waved and gave a big hello and the other fags began to smile and approach the bar.
"Welcome back Mistress," said the bartender.  "We're all so glad
to be able to give your Sissy another party."  As he poured Mistress some wine,
he nodded to one of the fags to lock the door and put the closed sign up.  Mistress
took a few sips and said, "I'm sure that my Sissy Bitch is anxious to get
started, so boys, fuck the Bitch however you like, hard, easy whatever.
Sissy can use whatever experience you want to give him, because starting next week
I am going to begin pimping him out."  The bartender came from behind the bar
and said, "If everyone has a drink, I'll go first so that I can keep them
coming for the rest of you."  Mistress handed him the leash and he led Sissy
a few steps away. "Take off your panties Bitch, get on your knees and hike
that pretty skirt up around your waist," he ordered. The bartender's cock
was already hard and he lubed Sissy's ass pussy hole with some spit then worked
his cock into it.  He started fucking Sissy slowly, then picked up the pace. Sissy
moved back and forth with his thrusts, trying to enhance his ability to cum.  As
the bartender was about to explode into Sissy he grabbed his hips tight and forced
Sissy back and forth on his cock, riding him hard.  He looked over at Mistress and
She said, "cum in his ass pussy and then make him clean your cock with his mouth."
He smiled back at her and filled Sissy with all of his cum. 

Once the bartender pulled out, another fag asked Mistress if she wanted him to wait a few minutes before fucking her Bitch
some more, but she told them, "no, Sissy is going to be a whore and a whore
has no time to rest, whores live to make their owner money."  The next fag forced
his cock into Sissy as he went about licking and sucking the bartender clean. This
went on until all of the fags had their turn fucking Sissy and using his mouth
clean their cocks. Sissy stayed knelling, cum dripping from his ass pussy, as Mistress
and the fags talked and drank.  Mistress told Sissy to wipe his ass pussy with his
fingers and lick the cum off of them. She then told Sissy to lick the cum off of
the floor. Mistress and the fags laughed and ridiculed Sissy as he went about doing
what he was told.  Finally Mistress decided that it was time to take her Faggot home
and said, "thank you boys for using my little Bitch, I think Sissy is now definitely
ready to troll for me."  "Any time," they replied. The bartender asked
"Will you be willing to rent the Bitch out occasionally for parties, or will
he only troll the streets for You?" "A whore is a whore," replied
Mistress "so yes I will rent Sissy to you. Here's a number that you can
leave me a message at and I'll get back to you." Mistress told Sissy to
get up and fix himself then she took Sissy by the leash and lead him to the car.
"So My little Sissy, did you enjoy all of those real cocks ducking your ass
pussy?" asked Mistress.  Although Sissy was mortified and sore he responded
"Yes Mistress," as he knew that it really didn't matter if he did
or not. Sissy knew that he had no choice but to become Mistress Fag Whore, it was
either that, or being thrown out, and he could not bear to be without her.