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Mistress Beats those balls....

Sissy Cassie finished his shower and stood in front of the mirror with a towel wrapped around him; as a woman would, as he brushed out his hair. After he finished his hair he let the towel drop and looked admiringly in the mirror at brands Mistress Andrea had given him on his ass cheeks, hip and inner thigh. The excitement of remembering Her doing so made his sissy clit get excited. He knew better than to touch himself and proceeded to begin to put on his makeup, though his clitty stayed hard as he did so. As Sissy was just about done with his makeup Mistress Andrea walked into the bathroom. Her face grew red with anger as She saw Sissy Cassie's clitty hard. She walked up behind him and yanked him by his hair and screamed, "you fucking little bitch how dare you get your clitty hard without My permission." Who told you could touch yourself."  "Sissy is sorry, Mistress!"  Sissy Cassie exclaimed in fear. "Sissy didn't touch himself Mistress, his clitty got excited as he looked at his brands and remembered when You marked him."  "I don't care what you were thinking about you faggot bitch, that clit is supposed to be locked back up in your chastity device immediately after you shower."  You are not entitled to any pleasure unless I am in the mood to grant it."  Mistress Andrea angrily replied. She proceeded to drag Sissy Cassie out of the bathroom by his hair and lead him to the discipline room. "Lock your hands behind your neck and spread your legs faggot," ordered Mistress Andrea.  She took hold of a riding crop and began to beat Sissy Cassie's balls and sissy clit hard with repeated swats. Sissy Cassie cried out each time his Mistress swatted his balls and begged Her for mercy. Mistress Andrea didn't care, she believed in strict discipline of sissies for any infraction no matter how minor, and no matter the reason. Her rules needed to be followed without question and to the letter or punishment was forthcoming.

When Mistress was done she ordered Sissy Cassie to go to his room, put on a pair of black thigh stockings and his black thigh hi boots and to return to the discipline room with his chastity device. Sissy Cassie's balls ached and tears rolled down his cheeks, but he moved quickly to prepare as he was told and returned to Mistress. "Put your chastity device on the table, I am not done with punishing you." Mistress Andrea said sternly. Sissy Cassie placed the device on the table and walked back over to Mistress Andrea and bowed his head. "Hold your hair up sissy so I can place your slave collar on you. Now hold out your hands." She commanded as She proceeded to put cuffs on his wrists. Once they were securely on Mistress Andrea took two short lengths of chain and attached each cuff to the back of Sissy Cassie's slave collar. "Spread your legs bitch." She ordered and then said, "You're going to regret getting that little sissy clit of yours so excited." With that Mistress Andrea fastened a parachute around Sissy's ball sack and then attached five pounds of weights which pulled heavily on his balls. "How does that feel you fucking bitch?" she asked, but as Sissy Cassie was about to respond Mistress Andrea quickly slapped him hard across the face and said, "not a word from you, all I want to hear are your screams and crying."  Mistress then fastened a small leather cock ring under the head of his sissy clit and attached a leash to it, "now sway those weights back and forth and keep doing so until I tell you to stop. Faster bitch I want it to hurt and hurt a lot."  Sissy Cassie did as he was told, grimacing in pain as he did. Mistress Andrea grasped the riding crop, pulled on the leash drawing Sissy's clitty away from his body and began to swat it hard with the crop, each stroke getting harder. The beating of his sissy clitty coupled with intense pain of the swaying weights caused Sissy Cassie to cry out for mercy.  Mistress Andrea however was in no mood for granting mercy and beat his sissy clitty even harder. After several minutes Mistress Andrea abruptly stopped the beating and dragged Sissy Cassie by his tethered sissy clitty across the room causing the parachute to inflict even more pain to his balls. She released the cuffs from his slave collar and with him facing Her. She attached each wrist cuff to the cross. Mistress Andrea then pulled the leash straight up which exposed Sissy Cassie's stretched out balls and She began to beat them hard with the riding crop bringing screams of "Please Mistress Please!" from Sissy Cassie, but She ignored his pleas and kept beating them. When She was done She drew close to him as tears streamed down his face and said, "This better never happen again faggot or so help you I'll place you in a permanent chastity device." Sissy Cassie was too scared to answer and just nodded a sobbing yes. Mistress Andrea then took hold of the weights on the parachute and held them up. She could see the terror in Sissy Cassie's eyes as he shook his head pleading no, but he had to learn his lesson and She let them drop which brought a scream of pain. "Now, I think you understand faggot." Mistress Andrea said firmly. She let the weights continue to pull on Sissy's balls as She went and got his chastity device. She took off the parachute and then held the device up in front of Sissy Cassie and said, "this is staying on for a minimum of two months with no chance of your being allowed any pleasure." " Never again fail Me ln this you little faggot, or the two months will turn into your lifetime."