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Faggot Cock Sucking Story

"Faggot, go to the training room, take off your dress and kneel waiting for Me." ordered Mistress Andrea. Sissy Cassie hurried off to the training room, slipped out of its pink maid's uniform, and knelt anxiously with his head bowed waiting for Mistress. When She entered the room, Mistress Andrea told Sissy to look up. Mistress looked absolutely stunning! She was wearing a short latex dress which accentuated the lovely curves of Her body, and thigh hi latex boots which caressed Her long, shapely legs. "Mistress, You truly are beautiful!" said Sissy. "Yes I am, My little faggot." responded Mistress Andrea. 

Mistress walked over to a table, picked up an arm binder, and told Sissy Cassie to stand. "Put your arms behind your back," She ordered. Sissy Cassie did as he was told and Mistress Andrea slipped the arm binder around both of his arms securing it tightly. Sissy stood as Mistress walked over and took a length of chain from the hook on the wall. She hooked one end to an eyelet in the ceiling beam and then told Sissy Cassie to bend forward. Once Sissy did Mistress Andrea hooked the other end of the chain to the end of the arm binder forcing Sissy Cassie's arms high in the air behind him. Mistress Andrea then placed two ankle cuffs on Sissy and secured them with lengths of chain to eyelet's in the floor. Lastly, Mistress secured a penis gag in Sissy Cassie's mouth, "get used to this position faggot," said Mistress Andrea, "you'll be in it for quite a while tonight. I'll be back when My guests arrive."

Sissy Cassie didn't know how long he had been in bound like this, but it seemed like at least an hour before he heard foot steps approach down the hall. Sissy could not see who entered the room, but heard Mistress say, "this is My faggot, your little fuck toy for the evening. Go ahead and get undressed, I'm sure the fag is anxious to see who is here." Mistress walked in front of sissy and grabbed him by the hair to lift his head some, "look at what I brought you faggot," said Mistress.  When Sissy looked up there were three gorgeous hunks standing naked before it.  "They are going to use that mouth of yours, and fill you up like the cock whore cum bucket that you are, you fucking little fag!" said Mistress, as She released the penis gag from his mouth.  With that, one of the men moved in front of Sissy Cassie and began to rub his cock back and forth across his mouth teasing him with it.  "Want this faggot?" said the man.  "Please," responded Sissy.  The man laughed and stepped back just a little, and said "come and get it faggot."  Sissy strained to move forward but the chains were secured very tightly, and he couldn't.  "What's the matter faggot, can't reach?" The man said, as they all laughed, as Sissy struggled to get the cock, his tongue flicking at it and his mouth gapping open. The man moved back close to Sissy Cassie, who hungrily licked the head of the cock, and then up and down the shaft.

Soon the man's cock began to grow, but before he allowed Sissy to suck it, he cock slapped his face with it, then shoved his cock into Sissy's mouth.  Sissy Cassie moved his head back and forth, sucking as best he could, given the position that Mistress had put him in. The more Sissy struggled to suck, the more the man teased him by moving every so slightly back, bringing more laughter from Mistress and the other men. As this continued Mistress Andrea walked behind Sissy and roughly pulled his panties down below his faggot ass checks. She then walked to the wall where Her paddles hung and selected a thick leather one. With the man continuing to tease Sissy, Mistress began to severely paddle Sissy's ass saying "Come on faggot suck that cock, come on you little fag whore suck it." Sissy winced with each stroke and tried to force himself forward so he could take the cock. "Please let me have it please," cried Sissy Cassie, but the man was enjoying himself too much and wouldn't move closer.  "You better suck that cock, bitch, or you won't be able to sit for a week when I am done beating your faggot ass." ordered Mistress. "Sissy is trying Mistress, please have him come closer please Mistress," cried Sissy Cassie.  Mistress continued to beat Sissy, but gave a nod to the man, and he moved closer so Sissy could take all of his cock in his mouth.  When the man was ready to cum, he grabbed Sissy by the head and pumped feverishly, exploding his cum juice down Sissy's throat.  As the man pulled his cock out of Sissy's mouth, Mistress ordered him to lick it clean, saying, "get every drop fag boy."

The other two men approached Sissy at the same time, and he took turns licking, and mouthing the head of each as them as the men stroked themselves.  When they were both hard, they took turns sticking their cocks in Sissy's mouth. "Suck them both at once fag, "ordered Mistress.  She laughed as Sissy's mouth grew wide, and he began to gag on the cocks, as the men forced them further into his mouth. Mistress once again moved behind Sissy, and began to paddle his already crimson red ass, "suck them off you fucking fag, suck them off, I want them to cum all over your fucking face," She said.  Sissy sucked both cocks and when the men were ready to cum, they pulled out of his mouth and shot their loads all of Sissy's face.  Mistress and the men stood and laughed, as the bound Sissy looked at them with its cum covered face. "Lick up whatever you can cock whore, and swallow it," ordered Mistress. Sissy did as he was told, which brought more laughter and demeaning remarks. "Let's go have some wine, then we'll wipe his face and start all over," said Mistress. They left the room with Sissy Cassie bound as he was and his face covered in cum.