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CUCKY In the Closet!

She laid on the bed engaged in foreplay with her lover as he knelt naked in a corner watching. She always required him to watch, and well, participate in ways that he never liked but had no choice about if he wanted to stay with her. Although her lover had started to get hard, she wanted his large thick cock inside of her now.

"Get over here bitch," she ordered. Her husband crawled over to the bed, another humiliating requirement of hers.  "Suck his cock and get him hard for me cuck boy," she ordered in a mocking tone. Her lover moved off the bed and her husband, knelling before him, took his cock into his mouth.  "That's it cuck boy suck him good for me, I want his cock nice and hard so that he'll be deep inside of me," she said.  "Suck him, suck, that's it, take more of that cock you bitch. If you suck him good now I'll let you clean him off after he cums, and maybe, just maybe, I'll allow you to lick his cum from my pussy.  He is going to fill my pussy with his cum bitch, something cuck boy you never could do."  He hated having to do this, but nonetheless he loved her, so and was afraid to lose her. He sucked her lover's cock taking more of it into his mouth as it began to swell.  "Stop and let me see cuck boy, I don't want you sucking too much and making him cum in your mouth, maybe some other time but not tonight his cock is all mine," she said.  "Hmm just right, go back to your corner bitch and watch what a real man can do for a woman like me."

He crawled back to the corner, his heart aching as he watched their feverish love making, and listened to his wife's moans and shouts as her lover pleasured her with his big cock. He knew that his own cock was not large like her lover's, but thought that if she'd only give him another chance that he'd be able to satisfy her. All he could do was wish though as she had made it abundantly clear to him that he would never fuck her again.

When their fucking was over her lover stayed inside of her as they kissed and he sucked her lovely breasts. Soon though he knew that she would begin to humiliate him again, maybe by making him clean them. "Crawl over here bitch," she ordered.  Once by the bed she said, "you did a very good job cuck boy fluffing for me so it's time for your reward. Clean him!"  He looked at her and just as she was about to glare and yell at him he took her lover's cock into his mouth and sucked the mixture of their cum from it.  "Good! Now lick his cum from my pussy." She ordered. He placed himself between her thighs and licked her pussy. "Get your tongue all the way in there and lick it good, I want you to enjoy our love making too."  They both laughed at him and degraded him as he licked her. When she was satisfied she said, "you've amused us enough, crawl out of the room and go into the closet and go to sleep we have more fucking to do.  I don't want to spoil you by letting you suck his cock and eat anymore cum, those are rights that you have to earn cuckboy. Now off you go and sweet dreams as you taste his cum all night." They broke out again into laughter as they watched him crawl out the door.

As he laid in the closet tears began to well in his eyes from the humiliation, but also from the knowledge that she didn't really love him anymore. She kept him for her amusement and to pay the bills. He cried as well because he knew that he was not man enough to stop this himself.