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He sheepishly walked into the bedroom, pausing before he said anything as he watched her finish putting on her makeup. "Please don't go out tonight, please." he pleaded. "Why on earth would I stay home?" she responded not bothering to look at him. "Please I'll do anything you want," he exclaimed in an anxious tone. "You'll do anything I want? Well, what I want my dear is to be fucked by a man who knows how, and who has a big, thick, hard cock. I want to be fucked repeatedly and have my pussy filled with with his hot cum. That's what I want, and you my dear fail miserably on all counts," she said in a very disinterested tone. "Please give me another chance to try to satisfy you, please don't go," he pleaded. "You are so fucking pathetic," her tone more mocking this time. "I gave you more than enough chances to please me, there will be no more. I am going out to find a real man. I am going to fuck him wherever he wants to and how ever many times he wants to. When he is done I am going to let his cum drip into my panty and I am going to rub it in that fucking face of yours when I get home. Now get the fuck out of here so I can finish getting ready, the sight of you disgusts me right now."  He dejectedly left the room and waited by the front door for her. His heart began to sink further as he heard the sound of her stiletto heels as she made her way to the door.  She was dressed in a low cut, very short and tight black mini-dress and stiletto heeled thigh hi boots. There was no way that any man who saw her would not desire her tonight, exactly the effect she wanted.  "Please, please don't do this," he cried. "Please, please don't do this?" she repeated in a mocking tone.  "If you were a fucking real man, and had a fucking cock that could please a woman I wouldn't be doing this, but you're not, and you don't so you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you keep this whining up you won't even get to enjoy my cum stained panty later. Now, make yourself useful while I'm out getting fucked and clean this place. Open the door for me boy so I can go and enjoy myself."

She met her friend Michele at a bar that was well known for hot guys and women out solely for sex. She and Michele both looked stunning and were quickly approached by two very good looking, nicely built men. After some drinks and chatter, they paired off and began making out and soon made their way out of the bar. "Where to?" asked the man his wife was with. "Fuck me in the car first, then we can decide," she responded. They fucked in the car and then repeatedly at a nearby motel. Her pussy was filled with his cum and some oozed out into her panty as she dressed. "Drive me back to the bar so I can get my car," she told him and added, "here's my number, call me, I want to fuck you again."  After arriving at the bar they talked briefly and then she gave him along hard kiss before he left.

Michele had gotten back to the bar just before her and asked, "do you want to get a drink?" "No," his wife responded. "I want to go home and rub some of this guy's cum in the little man's face. Want to come along?"  "Sure, I'd loved to watch this," responded Michele. When they arrived at the house her husband was in bed. The women entered the bedroom and his wife turned on the light next to the bed which caused him to awake sleepily. "Get out of bed and get on your knees little man." she ordered. He looked up and saw Michele standing nearby, a slight grin on her face. "Now!" she screamed at him as he moved too slow for her liking.  As he knelt, she hiked her dress up and said, "carefully take my cum stained panty off and gently hand it to me."  He did as he was told, his face growing red from the embarrassment, especially with Michele standing there. After he handed it to her, his wife said, "I was fucked several times by a really good looking man. His cock felt really good inside of me, and he filled my pussy with his cum. Now, look up at me."  When he did, she rubbed the inside  her cum stained panty all over his face saying, "this is what a real man produces you pathetic piece of shit, smell it, lick it."  As his wife continued to rub her panty in his face and verbally humiliate him, Michele broke out in laughter. "Now boy, suck out the cum that still is in my pussy. Come on, show Michele what a pathetic little bitch boy you are. Lick me boy, lick me and eat that cum you fucking loser, she screamed at him. He did as he was told and licked and swallowed the cum from her pussy while she and Michele laughed and chided him.  When he was done she said. "hope it tasted good boy because I gave him our phone number so he can call me and we can fuck again which also means that you'll be licking up his cum again. By the way, his name is Robert and if you answer his call and I'm not here you better take the message and take it correctly.  If I am here, maybe I'll let you listen in. Now go to sleep in the bathtub, I don't want you near me; oh, and don't you dare rinse out your mouth I want you to taste him all night."  As he walked away his wife turned to Michele and said "Have you ever seen such a pathetic fuck?"  "No responded Michele, but I intend on finding me one, a situation like this is too good to miss out on."