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Forced to Suck - Part 2

Mistress Andrea and her lover made love the rest of the night as she reveled in the pleasure that she had taken from making Sissy Cassie a Faggot. The next morning Sissy brought Mistress her breakfast into the bedroom and found that Mistress was already awake. Mistress had already decided how she would make Sissy suck more cock that night. Mistress Andrea greeted it by saying, "so how is my little Sissy Faggot cock sucker today, is he anxious to suck more cock?"  Sissy didn't answer he just bowed his head in shame. Mistress laughed at him and said, "I just bet Sissy Faggot loved swallowing all of that cum last night, don't be shy Sissy can tell Mistress he did.  I mean it was obvious that Sissy likes being a little Fag Cum Eater, heck, when Sissy cleaned my lover's cock off it looked like you were licking your favorite ice cream cone. Well, don't fret my little Faggot, I have already decided that there will be more cock sucking tonight and I am going to take great pleasure from watching."  Sissy asked, "Mistress will your lover be coming back?"  Mistress responded, "liked his cock did you Faggot?  No, it won't be his, I have something much more interesting and frankly much more humiliating in store for my Sissy Bitch."  Sissy just stood looking at Mistress waiting for her to tell him what would happen, but she said, "oh, I'm not going to tell my little Faggot what's in store for him, that would ruin all of my fun. Sissy needs to wonder about what will happen all day.  I will say it will be a night that my Faggot will never forget.  Life is wonderful isn't it Sissy Fag? It's always full of surprises."  Sissy responded, "yes Mistress."  "Sissy," said Mistress, "I am in the mood to start the day off right, get my black thigh high boots and a pair of black thigh hi stockings, and my favorite black leather corset, I feel like beating and torturing you for awhile."  Sissy hurried to get Mistress attire and helped dress her.

Mistress took Sissy by his hair and lead him to the training room.  "Take the dress off Sissy, and stand facing front by the cross," ordered Mistress.  Sissy did as he was told and Mistress brought over wrist and ankle cuffs and secured them tightly on Sissy.  Mistress kept Sissy facing her and hooked Sissy's wrist cuffs to the cross.  Before she secured the ankle cuffs to him, she pulled Sissy's panties off so that she could have full access to his clit and balls.   "I think before I beat Sissy, I want to torture those little nipples, and that clitty and those balls," said Mistress.  Mistress pulled and twisted each of Sissy's nipples very hard making him scream.  Once satisfied, Mistress put clamps on them, pulling and twisting on each to make sure that they were secure.  She then hung a pound of weights on the chain and swung the weights back and forth so they pulled on his nipples.  Mistress then took a crop and began to hit Sissy's clit with it repeatedly, each smack harder than the other making Sissy wince. Mistress stopped and secured a collar under the head of the clit and attached a short leash to it. She pulled the clit hard back and forth, and up and down, then held it up as she proceeded to beat his balls with the crop.  Sissy screamed as Mistress made each strike count.  When she was done beating his balls Mistress secured a parachute around his ball sack and put two pounds of weights on it.  Mistress made the weights sway from side to side, then grabbed them, and held them above the parachute and looked into Sissy's panicked eyes. She dropped the weights causing Sissy to scream.  Mistress again looked into his pleading eyes as she again grabbed the weights. As she was about to drop them Mistress said to Sissy, "what's the worry? Sissy's have no need for balls."  She dropped them and turned and walked away as Sissy screamed from the pain. Mistress walked back to the cross holding a flogger and cane which she placed on a nearby table. She pulled the nipple clamps off, again causing Sissy to scream, and removed the parachute. Mistress detached the clasps from the eyelets of the cross and turned Sissy to face the cross, re-securing him once she did. Mistress beat Sissy first with the flogger, then tore into his faggot ass with the cane, leaving him with welts and in tears. When she was done Mistress removed the cuffs from Sissy, and as he whimpered, forced him to his knees to pleasure her.

Sissy spent the rest of his day doing his chores and wondering what was in store for him that evening.  After dinner Mistress told Sissy to take a bath and then meet her in his room.  When Sissy came into the room Mistress was already dressed to go out.  She was ravishing in a tight red latex mini dress and latex thigh hi boots.  Mistress had laid out an all pink outfit for Sissy, consisting of a ruffled mini, mid-drift top with princess written across it, lace and silk bra and panty, thigh hi stockings, pumps and clip on ribbons for his hair.  Mistress told him to sit as she applied his make-up and placed the ribbons in his hair. She then told Sissy to get dressed and meet her at the front door.  Sissy hurried to finish getting ready and nervously approached Mistress.  Mistress knew that Sissy was worried, but simply ignored him as they left and drove off to where Mistress was taking him to be used as her Faggot cock whore.  They parked near a club named Chaps, a place Sissy had never heard of.  When they got out of the car Mistress opened her purse and showed Sissy the collar she was about to secure around his neck.  The collar was pink and had silver letters that spelled out Sissy Fag.  Mistress attached a leash to the collar and lead Sissy into the club.  When they entered, Sissy immediately panicked; it was a gay leather club and their entry brought immediate stares.  Mistress walked to the bar, Sissy trailing on the leash behind her.  She asked the bartender if he would lower the music for a minute so she could speak.  When he did she announced to the bar, "I am Mistress Andrea, and on the end of the leash is my Sissy and newly made Faggot.  His mouth has had plenty of dildo training, but the poor thing has only tasted real cock once.  I am wondering if any of you gentlemen would like some almost virgin mouth to satisfy you?"  The bartender told one of the men to put the closed sign in the window and lock the door. Sissy panicked as there were about twenty men in the bar. The bartender asked Mistress is she was going to leave the Sissy with them and come back for him later. She told him no, that she wanted to watch them take him, and she handed the bartender the leash.  Sissy pleaded, "no Mistress please no," but she simply laughed and said, " I told Sissy that he would never forget tonight."  The bartender asked the men if they minded if he went first so that he could keep making drinks while everyone else took turns.  The men agreed and the bartender said, "get on your knees Bitch."  Sissy looked at Mistress and she said, "do what you are told or Sissy will get more of what he got this morning when we get home."  Mistress told the men,  "I want the Sissy Bitch to swallow every drop of your cum, and make it lick your cocks clean before you pass it to the next man."  "Do you want us to be gentle with him?" asked one man. "Treat him like you would any other cock whore that you use. I like to be rough with him but whatever suits you." replied Mistress Andrea.  One after another they took turns fucking Sissy's mouth.  Most of the men grabbed Sissy by the head or hair as they pumped their cocks in his mouth forcing him to take all of it.  Some had Sissy lick and mouth their balls as well, or cock slapped his face.  All of the men made Sissy swallow all of their cum, and lick up ever drop that oozed out when they were done.  When the last man was done with Sissy the bartender asked Mistress if She wanted to pass him around again. Though it was tempting Mistress said, "not tonight, its only Sissy's second night of real cock and I think the Bitch has had about all that he can take.  But, if you'd like, I can bring Sissy back another time, and maybe by then we'll have his ass pussy ready to take some cock as well."  The bartender handed Mistress his card and told her to call him beforehand and he'd arrange a little party for Sissy.  Everyone laughed and Mistress took hold of the leash and told Sissy to thank all of the men for letting him suck their cocks and swallow their cum.  Sissy thanked them, but Mistress said, "no, say thank you for letting Sissy suck your cocks and swallow your cum."  Sissy repeated the thank you as Mistress required.  "You're welcome, come back any time for more," the men said as they all laughed.

As they walked to the car Mistress said to Sissy, "there can be no longer be any doubt in Sissy's little head that he is a cock sucking, ball licking, cum eating Faggot? Twenty cocks in one night you fucking cock whore, I'll expect at least that many sucked when I pimp you out to make money for me. Before that however, Sissy will definitely be back on its knees here again, and next time both of your fag holes will be repeatedly fucked." Sissy didn't respond at all, his jaws hurt from all of the sucking, and he was humiliated as never before. Sissy knew that this was just the beginning as Mistress really enjoyed having done this to him, and he had no control over whatever was to happen to him.