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"Get over here Faggot," ordered Mistress Andrea. Faggot Cassie hurried over and knelt before his Mistress. "I am having all of my friends over tomorrow night and I expect every inch of this house to be spotless. Faggot's sole job today is to make sure that it is; tomorrow Faggot will do the shopping."  "I will be out all day, but I will  inspect Faggot's cleaning and if I find anything not to my liking I will cane Faggot's sissy ass," stated Mistress Andrea firmly.  

Faggot went about his cleaning chores trying especially hard not to forget to do anything. All Faggot could hope for was that Mistress Andrea would be satisfied with the results as he had learned all too well to fear the severity of her wrath. When Mistress returned home she told Faggot to get her white inspection glove and a cane, "follow behind me Faggot, and knell when I inspect each room," she ordered.  "I will cane that sissy ass on the spot for anything not done properly," she stated.  As they went from room to room Faggot's heart raced nervously as he waited for Mistress Andrea's judgments.  All seemed to be going well until Mistress saw that a chair in the living room was slightly out of place.  "This chair is not where it belongs, "Mistress exclaimed.  "Get up and assume the position Faggot."  Faggot quickly rose, pulled his panties down to his knees, and hiked his dress above his waist as he bent over.  Mistress Andrea then administered ten very hard swats across his sissy ass with her cane, which brought screams from Faggot." You should know better by now Faggot to double check everything, but I am happy to repeat these punishment lessons until you do," she said sternly.

The next day Mistress Andrea gave Faggot his shopping assignments which he made sure to complete without any errors and within the timeframe that Mistress had allotted. When evening came Mistress Andrea told Faggot, "this is how I want Faggot to be dressed for my guests, red bow ribbons on both sides of your hair, red thigh hi boots, black thigh stockings with lace tops, red silk and lace bra, no panties and no skirt; I want everyone to see Faggot's chastity device and anal harness.  Also, put on the black Andrea's bitch dog collar; of course leave on the property tag.  For make-up Faggot I want foundation, blush, beauty mark, black eyeliner on both the top and bottom of the lids, black mascara, two shades of gray shadow with blue highlights, thick coat of cock sucker red lipstick.  Faggot will have all of the food laid out, and then serve my guests drinks for about two hours. After that Faggot your bitch mouth will be used for entertainment. Go get ready and then get about reading for the party."  Faggot did as he was told and was the object of constant mocking and ridicule from Mistress Andrea's guests as he served them.

After about two hours Mistress told Faggot to go to the training room and get an arm binder, spreader bar, and a short length of chain.  Faggot hurried off and returned with the items. Mistress Andrea told Faggot to kneel in the center of the room where she had put down a large mat.  As all of the guests looked on, Mistress put Faggot's arms in the binder and tightened it securely. She then strapped the spreader bar cuffs to his ankles and then the arm binder to the spreader bar. "The fag bitch's mouth is open for everyone's entertainment," she announced.  One of Mistress girlfriend's asked her where the bathroom was as she had to pee. Mistress responded pointing over at Faggot "The toilet is right there." "Really?" the woman asked. "As long as you are comfortable peeing in front of everyone, then yes. Otherwise the bathroom is down that hall," responded Mistress Andrea.  "I'll use the fag," she answered.  The woman walked over to Faggot, pulled her panties aside, straddled his face and said, "Open wide Faggot."  Faggot did as he was told and the woman began to stream her warm golden nectar into his mouth and ordered, "Don't swallow until I tell you to."  As the woman peed several times into Faggot's mouth and made him swallow all of it, Mistress and her other guests laughingly looked on and called him things like piss whore and toilet slut and a few other women and men took their turns using Faggot's mouth as their toilet and the mockery continued.

"How is Faggot at sucking cock?" asked a man.  "The bitch loves cock and he has had extensive training; try him out," said Mistress Andrea. The man walked over to Faggot, unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Faggot stared hungrily at it, moistening his lips with his tongue. "What an anxious little fag you have," said a woman with a curt smile on her face to Mistress. "Yes, Faggot just can't hide the fact that he is a little cock slut," responded Mistress Andrea, adding, "wait to you see him slurp down cum, you'd think the fag was having his last mean."  Everyone standing nearby began to laugh and watched as Faggot sucked away on the man's cock. "That's it bitch, suck my cock," ordered the man. "I'm going to cum," he said and turned towards Mistress. "Gag the fag with your cock and shoot your cum down his throat," instructed Mistress Andrea.  The man grabbed the sides of Faggot's head and pressed it completely against his groin forcing his cock down Faggot's throat and shot his load. When the man finished he took his cock out of Faggot's mouth and Mistress told Faggot to lick it clean. Faggot did so and then other men lined up to be sucked off.

After sucking a number of cocks Faggot was ignored by everyone as he was left kneeling in the middle of the room as the party moved outside onto the porch.  When they came back inside, the first of the guests was about to leave, but before doing so he turned to Mistress and asked if she'd like him to leave a present for Faggot. Mistress said "What a wonderful idea!  Please wait a moment." Mistress walked to the kitchen and came back with a large clear bowl. "Everyone", Mistress announced, "John is going to leave Faggot a present in this bowl, if anyone else would like to please feel free to do so." Mistress set the bowl on the mat and one after another her guest either peed or jerked off into the bowl, making a cum/piss cocktail for Faggot. "Will you send us pictures of Faggot drinking his present." Asked one woman. "Of course, and I will also post them on the Internet," replied Mistress.  Once everyone left Mistress unfastened the chain that attached the arm binder to the spreader bar and said, "Bend over bitch and lap it up while I take some pictures."  Faggot began to lick the piss/cum cocktail up as Mistress laughed and snapped away. "Okay let's take some different shots,"she said and unfastened the arm binder. "Stay kneeling, hold the bowl up some and stick your face in that shit. That's it let me get some pics of that you fucking pig. Now drink all of the rest of it you piss cum whore."  When Faggot had drank every drop Mistress said, "okay you pathetic fucking fag, clean up this place, and put everything neatly away. I'm going to bed and if I find that you didn't do your chores properly again you will be severely punsihed with the single tail. Faggot went about his cleanup duties and when done also went to bed, but slept restlessly worrying that maybe he had forgotten something and would be beaten the next day.