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Glory Hole

"I found out some interesting news today faggot," said Mistress Andrea to her Sissy Cassie, "The new adult book store also has a peep show, and some perverts cut glory holes in a couple of the booths." Sissy Cassie just stood looking at Mistress Andrea anxiety beginning to well inside of it. Mistress Andrea sensed this, began to laugh and said, "yes My little faggot we'll be making a trip there this evening and your faggot mouth will be on the other side of the hole sucking whatever cocks come through it. Just think of the possible variety, big ones, small ones, thick ones, thin ones, maybe some old wrinkly ones, who knows what will peek through, but My little cock whore you'll suck them all and swallow all of their cum juice." Sissy Cassie knew better than to protest and just gave Mistress a look of resignation and said, "as you wish Mistress."

When evening came Mistress Andrea had Sissy Cassie dress in a pink silk and lace bra and panty set, skin tight pink stretch jeans, and a pink top that had princess written across it. Mistress then applied Sissy's make-up and put pink ribbons in his hair. "Perfect!" exclaimed Mistress Andrea, "Sissy's outfit should grab everyone's attention and draw plenty of cocks to the hole. Sissy, make sure that you have plenty of coins for the peep show in your purse, I want you in there sucking cocks for a long while."

When they arrived at the adult bookstore Mistress Andrea handed Sissy Cassie a mall digital camera and said "Put this in your purse until you get inside a booth with a glory hole. Once inside faggot put some coins in and get a movie started, then get on your knees by the glory hole, take the camera out and hold it so that you can film your cocksucking for Me. Now get out of the car faggot and go suck some cocks. I'll return in an hour to check on you and then decide how long I'll leave you here."

Sissy Cassie left the car and very nervously walked into the bookstore. There were a few men in the front of the store looking at magazines who glanced over when they saw Sissy walk in. Sissy Cassie didn't make eye contact with them, instead he walked to the back where the booths were. Several men were just standing about waiting and their eyes lit up when they saw Sissy. Since Sissy Cassie did not know which booths had the glory holes he was forced to look in one booth after another, telegraphing his intent. After unsuccessfully locating one after looking in a few a man walked up behind Sissy and said the last one of the left. Sissy Cassie was too nervous to turn around and simply hurried along to the booth. Sissy put several dollars worth of coins in and selected a movie to play. Sissy then found where the hole was, got on his knees and took out the camera. Almost immediately a cock stuck out from the hole and Sissy Cassie began to lick the head, then mouthed it. As the cock began to grow, Sissy Cassie sucked back and forth on it taking more and more of it into his mouth. Soon he could feel the cock begin to throb and then its cum exploded into his mouth. Sissy Cassie swallowed all of it, then licked the head of the cock clean. No sooner had that cock pulled out of the hole then another appeared and Sissy Cassie licked and sucked it, and swallowed all of the cum as it did before. When Mistress Andrea arrived she asked a man lurking in the back if he knew where the sissy was. "Yes," he replied, "he's in the last booth on the left. Your not going to take him are you I want my cock sucked again?"  Mistress Andrea told the man that she was just there to check on sissy, and that he'd get sucked off again. Mistress knocked on the door and told Cassie to open it. "Having fun faggot?" She asked, then ordered "Give me the camera." Sissy handed Mistress the camera and smiling she said, "I'm posting these on the internet so everyone can see what a fucking faggot slut whore you are. Get back on your knees faggot, there's some guys out here wanting seconds. I'll be back in another hour and maybe, maybe I'll take you home.

Over the next hour Sissy sucked several cocks and was kneeling waiting for another when Mistress returned. "How long has it been since the last cock faggot?" asked Mistress. "Sissy isn't sure Mistress, maybe 10 minutes," replied Cassie. "Hmm, well I guess they're done with you slut, let's go," said Mistress Andrea. Once they were in the car Mistress said to Sissy "I love doing this kind of shit to you faggot, it amuses me and gets me wet. Tomorrow night you'll be sucking more cocks, I'm going to pimp your ass out on fag row."