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Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute


Sissy Faggot Cassie goes to the dressing room to apply his make-up and dress in the maids outfit that Mistress Andrea has laid out for him. Once ready, Sissy presents himself to Mistress Andrea for her inspection, then kneels in front of her with his head bowed waiting for his list of chores for the day. Mistress has decided that all three bathrooms need a very thorough cleaning before she returns in a few hours from the spa. She tells Sissy Faggot that he is to get his cleaning supplies, including his new supply of toothbrushes, and make sure that the bathrooms and grout are sparkling upon Her return. Further, Mistress tells her Sissy Faggot that he is not allowed any breaks, and that his work had better be done by the time she comes back, as she will have another set of chores for him to do upon her return.

Once Mistress leaves, Sissy Faggot gets his cleaning supplies and begins to clean the first bathroom, cleaning the shower, tub, toilet and counter first, then gets on his hands and knees and scrubs the floor and brushes clean the grout.  After doing the same with the second bath Sissy is tired and, although Mistress told him not to take a break, he decides that he simply must. Sissy Faggot goes to his bedroom and takes off his pumps and lays on his bed. As he lays there Sissy Faggot begins to gently touch his sissy clitty despite the fact that he knows that he isn't allowed to, but for whatever reason Sissy Faggot finds himself being disobedient about that as well. As his clitty begins to get excited, Sissy Faggot takes a magazine that he has hidden of very handsome, naked, well built men and looks longingly at their pictures. Sissy's lust begins to grow and he decides to take off his maid's dress, and hurries to the training room and selects a suctioned cup dildo which he places on the small table in the corner of the training room. Sissy begins to hungrily lick and suck the dildo while staring at the gorgeous men in the pictures. Sissy Faggot becomes so engrossed in his fag pleasure that he doesn't hear Mistress return home.

As Sissy continues to eagerly suck the dildo and rub his sissy clitty in his panties, Mistress Andrea walks up behind him and grabs him roughly by the hair pulling him to his feet. Mistress begins to scream at Sissy Faggot, and repeatedly slaps him hard across his face. She drags him by his hair over to the wall where the cuffs and collars hang and tells him to put his hands out. Mistress secures cuffs to each wrist, then takes a collar and puts it on Sissy Faggot's neck. Mistress pulls the collar around so the clasp is in the back and then fastens each of Sissy Faggot's wrists to the back of the collar and tells him to stay put. Mistress walks to where her whips and canes hang and takes hold of her favorite cane and short length single tail whip. She tells Sissy Faggot that he is about to regret the day that he decided to disobey her. Mistress roughly pulls Sissy Faggot's panties down, then grabs him by his hair and begins to lash him first with the whip, then the cane. Each lash is harder than the last, all displaying the rage that Sissy Faggot has put Mistress into. When Mistress is done, she drags her whimpering Sissy Faggot to a mirror to see the welts and droplets of blood from his beating. Mistress tells him to remain there looking at his faggot ass.

She walks over to another table and soaks a towel with alcohol then comes and places it on Sissy Faggot's ass. He begins to whimper some more from the sting of the alcohol and Mistress slaps him hard across the face screaming at him to shut-up.  Mistress Andrea then tells Sissy Faggot that he will no longer have any access to his clit as she will be ordering a permanent chastity device to put on it. Sissy Faggot begs her not to, but Mistress tells him that he has brought this on himself as he betrayed her trust. She also tells Sissy Faggot that she will be ordering him locking maids and other dresses, and also a variety of pumps with locks this way he will not be able take off his clothes off without her permission.  As Sissy Faggot begins to whimper again, Mistress tells him that she will give him something to whimper about and begins to beat his ass again with her cane. Sissy Faggot screams and begs Mistress to stop but she will have none of it. She strikes his faggot ass repeatedly even harder than before.

Once satisfied Mistress stops and goes to one of the tables, puts on rubber gloves and opens a tube of Icy Hot. She approaches Sissy Faggot and tells him to bend over and spread his ass checks. Mistress squeezes out a sizeable portion of Icy Hot onto her glove and roughly forces several fingers covered with it into Sissy Faggot's ass pussy, working deep into it.  When she pulls her fingers out Mistress wipes the remainder of the Icy Hot over Sissy Faggot's ass pussy entrance.  Mistress then squeezes out another sizeable portion and tells Sissy Faggot to face Her and spread his legs. She spreads Icy Hot all over Sissy Faggot's clit and balls. The burning pain is immediate, and Sissy Faggot moans and cries. As he stands there in pain, Mistress walks back to the wall and gets some ankle cuffs and small lengths of chain. She unfastens Sissy Faggot's wrists from the collar and then pushes him to the floor. Mistress secures the cuffs to Sissy Faggot's ankles, and proceeds to fasten the wrist and ankle cuffs together hog tied fashion.

Tired of hearing his whimpers, Mistress straps a penis gag in Faggot's mouth. Mistress looks at Sissy Faggot, tears rolling down his checks from the flaming pain of the welts and the burning of the Icy Hot, and tells him that she doesn't think that he is suffering enough for what he did. She gets some clothespins and puts one on each of Sissy Faggot's ear lobes, then pulls the skin of each eyebrow and places two on each brow; lastly, Mistress pulls on Sissy Faggot's checks and places two more clothespins on each side. Mistress pulls and twists each one while telling Faggot that he'll see how it feels when she rips them off later.  Mistress tells Sissy Faggot that she should just throw him out and find another faggot who will be more appreciative of being trained, one who will be obedient without question. Instead Mistress tells him that she intends on enjoying conjuring up even more sadistic ways to make this Sissy Faggot pay for his broken trust. Mistress tells him to lay there and suffer, and consider the err of his ways. She tells him that she is going to sip some wine and consider what cruelties the Faggot is going to suffer later. Mistress adds "Know Faggot Bitch that this is just the beginning, from now on every day will be discipline day and it won't be a few slaps to those faggot ass cheeks. Apparently I have been much too lenient, but no more. We'll see Faggot if there will be any more disobedience; pain, severe pain will be your constant companion."