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The Night Club

It was evening and Mistress Andrea had already dressed to go out to a new club that she had found out about.  Mistress was wearing a little black dress, 5" black patent leather high heels, her new gold hoop earrings and a gold chain, looking very elegant. She had decided to take sissy with her and said, "faggot, we are going to an elite club tonight, put your new red slut dress on, and make sure you have your hair and makeup just so;  I will check it out, and add the finishing touches.  I want you to have your Andrea's bitch collar on, and make sure you have on your sluttiest red bra and panties, red thigh hi stockings, and red thigh high boots. Faggot will be my sissy bitch tonight at the Club, I even bought a leash to attach to faggot's collar, so that everyone will know that you are My property.

Sissy slipped into red lace bikini panties and lace strapless bra, red thigh high's with lace tops. Cassie put on black and grey eye shadow, black long lash mascara and black liner, and a thick coat of red lip plumper.  Andrea's faggot then slipped into a new red mini dress and red thigh hi boots black 4 inch pumps.  Sissy put on its black Andrea's bitch collar, and silver dangle earrings with red stones.  After fixing it's hair, Cassie, went to Mistress for inspection.  "Very good faggot," said Mistress. She then put her hand under sissy's chin and said, "I hope faggot understands that if you do even the slightest thing to displease me, and ruin tonight, the beating that I will give it's faggot ass, clit and earrings (balls) when we get home will be something that you will never forget."  "Sissy will behave, Mistress, it promises, to be good," responded sissy very meekly. With that they left the house, and headed for the club.

Once inside the club Mistress stopped to talk to some other Mistress's, sissy overheard Mistress say, "that is a wonderful idea, let me drop it off, and then I am going to look for a real man for myself."  Mistress Andrea turned to sissy and said, "there is a room here just for faggot cocksucking, I am going to drop you off there for an hour to suck cock for me.  I will be getting a report when I return, and if I get even one bad report about faggot's cock sucking, or that you don't swallow all of the cum that is shot into your mouth, it will pay dearly later.  Is that understood, faggot?"  "Yes Mistress," responded sissy Cassie.

Mistress dropped faggot off in the cock sucking room.  There were number of men in the room, they were looking over the faggot's that were there.  Sissy joined the area where the other  faggots stood and waited anxiously to be chosen.  After several minutes a tall very well built black man walked up to sissy and said  "on your knees bitch,"  sissy Cassie did as it was told and did not have to wait for further instructions.  Sissy Cassie loosened his belt and unzipped his pants, then sissy then reached inside and carefully took out his cock.  Even limp it was large, and sissy moistened it's lips, hungry to take him.  Sissy Cassie started licking and mouthing the head of the cock, and once it started to grow,  sissy began to take more of it in. 

Sissy loved the feeling of a cock getting larger and larger in it's mouth,  and his cock was very large.  "That's it faggot take it,  take all of it, you fucking faggot," said the man. Sissy took all of him, gagging a little as it did.  As sissy sucked the man, the man began to fuck it's mouth, and sissy moved it's head back and forth sucking in step with him.  Cassie knew that he was about to cum and sissy wanted him to.  The man grabbed the back of sissy's head and moved it back and forth faster and faster, then held Cassie's mouth, in place as he shoved his cock as far as he could into sissy's mouth and exploded his cum down sissy's throat.  When he was done he grabbed sissy's hair and said  "clean me faggot, clean up every drop like the filthy little cum whore that you are."  Sissy licked him clean and when it was done put the cock back in the man's pants and fixed his pants.   After the man walked away sissy stood walked over to a mirror, brushed it's hair and put on a fresh coat of cocksucker red lipstick.  Cassie then went back over to the faggot area and waited anxiously to be chosen again. 

Over the course of the hour sissy was selected seven times, and was on it's knees sucking the last of those, when Mistress entered the room. Mistress waited until sissy was done cleaning off the cock and then asked who her faggot had blown and asked them for reports.  "Well, faggot, the reports were good and in fact word is out at the club that you are a great cock sucker, the patrons here are all talking about your oral skills, making Mistress very proud.  I have found a real man to come home with us.  He is tall and handsome and muscular with a 10" cock.  When we get home, sissy is to be My little faggot fluffer boy getting him ready for me.

When they got home Mistress told sissy to lead the real man to her bedroom and then to follow her into the bathroom.  Mistress had sissy undress her and then told faggot to get on its knees.  Mistress hovered above faggot's sissy mouth and told it to open up. Faggot gleefully began to feel a warm stream of pee enter it's mouth.  Mistress said "faggot,  I hope it appreciates My using it as a toilet, some faggots are not so fortunate." "It does Mistress, thank you" replied faggot.

"Faggot, freshen its lipstick to get its pussy mouth ready for My real man, then wiggle it's faggot ass back to the bedroom and start fluffing.  If faggot does a good job I might allow it to clean Me.  As Mistress instructed, sissy wiggled back into the room, and Mistress said to the man, "I want the faggot to get you hard. "   Sissy could see in the man's eyes the lust he had for Mistress as he did not hesitate to stand in front of sissy as it went to its knees "lick my balls first faggot then suck my cock good," the man ordered.  Sissy gently held the man's cock in its hand and slowly stroked it as it began to lick his balls.  As the man's cock began to rise and stiffen he grabbed sissy's head and forced his cock into its mouth.  Sissy's head bobbed up and down on it,  taking more and more of his beautiful cock into its mouth.  Sissy looked up at him as it sucked with it's own lust showing.

Sissy loved cock especially ones as big and thick as his. As it sucked sissy's clitty struggled in its cage to no avail, as sissy knew that Mistress would not allow it's  release.  Sissy kept sucking while gently cupping his balls balls in its hand and caressing them.  "That's it faggot' said Mistress, "get him nice and hard for Me." The man began to moan and while sissy longed for him to cum in its mouth it started to worry that he would.  Once he was nice and hard Mistress told sissy to stop, and she and the real man began to kiss and make love. Sissy knelt watching as they did, jealous that it would never be able to be with Mistress as he was.  When they had pleasured one another, Mistress looked over at sissy, who was anxiously hoping to be able to clean her, when said "okay faggot come and show him what a good little cum eating slut it is."  Sissy pursed it's lips anxious to start licking all of the man's cum out of its Mistress's beautiful pussy.  Mistress was simply gorgeous and having the privilege of cleaning her was something very special. 

Sissy began by slowly licking up the cum that had oozed out,  careful to get each drop. Sissy then began to slowly lick inside of Mistress's pussy, sucking down all of the delicious cum and Mistress's pussy juice.  When Mistress was satisfied that it had cleaned her properly, she said "now him faggot, clean his cock off, don't leave a drop." As sissy licked his cock clean, Mistress turned to the man and said "faggot is such a good cum whore, don't you think?"  "Yes, it is, but then again these faggots are all the same, they suck cock and swallow cum like it was their last meal," replied the man. They both began to laugh and then Mistress said to sissy, "get into the bathroom faggot,  I have some more of my golden nectar to wash that cum down it's throat." "What are you going to do," asked the man?"  "Well I'm not sure how others use their faggots, but this one is also my personal toilet."  The real man laughed, and when Mistress was done with her toilet, she had faggot suck her new man's big dick again, to get him ready to pleasure her some more.