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  Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Yahoo ID: Andreas.Playful
Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute

Sex Slave Audition's

Sissy Cassie has just finished serving Mistress Andrea her dinner and cleaned up. Mistress tells Sissy to run her bath which he quickly does. As Mistress bathes Sissy kneels in the corner facing the wall until Mistress is ready for her towel. When she is ready, Sissy wraps the towel around Mistress and kneels waiting for the privilege to dry her legs and feet. Only when Mistress thinks Sissy has been especially good does he get the privilege to dry her entirely; this is very rare.  After Sissy dries Mistress's  feet and legs, Mistress tells Sissy to undress and take a shower, taking particular care to clean his ass pussy very well as this will be a special night.  As always Mistress never hints at what is in store for Sissy, and he dares not ask.

Mistress tells Sissy to meet her in the dressing room when he is done. After entering Sissy quickly kneels waiting for his Mistress's command.  Mistress has Sissy move to the makeup table and kneel before her chair.  She applies Sissy's makeup, with an extra layer of pink lip plumper.  Mistress has Sissy move away and he stands head bowed waiting for her next command.  Mistress puts Sissy's pink bra on him and then has Sissy step into his pink rumba panties.  She tucks Sissy's clit between his legs, then puts  black thigh hi stockings with pink bows on the top on him and his pink pump sandals. Mistress combs his hair and puts pink ribbons in it.  Mistress inspects Sissy and says "I don't think that I can trust you to not touch that clit tonight with what I have in store for you."

She walks into the next room and returns with a chastity device.  Mistress has Sissy pull his panties down and proceeds to place the device on his clitty and locks it.  She tells Sissy to pull up his panties and She again insects him.  With a little laugh Mistress pats Sissy's encased clit and says, "That is much better."  Sissy still has no idea what Mistress has in store for him, but Sissy is told to go to the living room and kneel in a corner while She gets ready.  After a while Sissy hears the sound of Mistress's stiletto heel's as she enters the room.  Mistress tells Sissy to rise and face Her.  When Sissy does he begins to melt as Mistress is dressed in her black latex dress and arm length gloves, she is a vision more stunning that usual.

Mistress smiles knowing what Sissy is feeling.  Right then the door bell rings and Mistress tells Sissy to answer it.  When he does there are five very attractive young men who enter, and move past Sissy without a glance.  Sissy leads them to where Mistress is now sitting.  Mistress tells Sissy to go back to a corner and kneel facing the wall.  She then tells the men to undress.  After they do she tells them to move to the other side of the room and kneel. Mistress walks towards Sissy and has him turn while still kneeling. She leans over and places her hand under Sissy's chin placing his gaze towards the men.  Mistress tells Sissy that they are also slaves, however, unlike Sissy they are also real men and will be auditioning for the position of her sex slave, something Sissy can never be.  Mistress tells Sissy that the first phase of the audition involves him, as he will be used to first verify the size of cock each man has told her he has; and then used to see what their fucking techniques are.

Mistress moves back to where she was sitting and has Sissy come and kneel before her. She then calls the first slave to come over and stick his cock in Sissy's mouth.  As he moves towards Sissy, Mistress tells Sissy that he had better do his best job at sucking and fucking or he will pay dearly later.  The slave stands in front of Sissy, and Sissy takes his cock in his hand, and proceeds to lick and suck the head. Sissy then sucks more and more of him until his cock has fully grown.  Once the man's cock has fully grown Mistress has Sissy stop so she can inspect it.  He has passed that test so Mistress tells him to move behind Sissy and pull his panties down and get to fucking him.  Once his cock is in Sissy's ass pussy, Sissy moves with his thrusts trying to encourage his best performance for his Mistress's evaluation.

This goes on until all five men are done.  Mistress tells Sissy to go douche the cum out of his ass pussy and then return.  While Sissy is doing so Mistress has dismissed three of the candidates.  Upon Sissy's return Mistress tells Sissy to take the others and shower and dry them good.  Sissy returns to Mistress with the slaves and she tells us that she will now give them the final test which is to see if they can please her.  Mistress tells Sissy not to be sad as he still has a role to play in this.  She leads us all to her bedroom.  One slave is told to go to the corner and kneel, the other to get ready to service her.  Mistress tells Sissy to kneel by the bed so he can watch what he can never have the pleasure of doing.  However, she tells Sissy that he will get the privilege of cleaning the cum from her when they are done, and then cleaning up the slave's cock.  Again Mistress tells Sissy that when he does that he had better do it well or he will pay.  After each slave services Mistress she has Sissy lick all of the cum from her pussy and swallow it, and then suck any leftover cum that oozed from the slave's cock.  Once the personal auditions are done Mistress selects one for her sex slave. She then pats Sissy on his head and tells him that he has done well. She also tells him to put on his pink nightie and go to sleep while she and her sex slave make love the rest of the night.