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Sissy Cassie learns it's lesson....

Mistress Andrea firmly believes that while all slave's require discipline, sissy faggot slave's require especially strict discipline to ensure their submission. Their pathetic lives are a conflict between masculinity and femininity which at times can effect their behavior more than that of other slaves. Mistress Andrea, however, does differentiate between discipline and punishment; the former is for teaching a slave its place; the latter is for correcting any departures of the slave from its learning's, or for any other displeasure it brings to Mistress no matter how small the infraction.

Sissy Faggot Cassie stood before Mistress Andrea dressed only in black thigh hi stockings and thigh hi boots, his sissy clity locked securely away in its chastity device. Mistress Andrea wanted unfettered access to his body as She prepared him for his discipline. Mistress Andrea secured a three inch wide slave collar around Sissy Faggot Cassie's neck and cuffs on his ankles. "Spread your legs Sissy and put your arms behind your back." She commanded. Sissy did as he was told and Mistress attached a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs and then sheathed his arms tightly in an arm binder. "Open your mouth." She ordered, and as Sissy did Mistress inserted a penis gag and strapped it tightly behind Sissy's head. Mistress Andrea then pinched and pulled hard on his little nipples and firmly placed nipple clamps on each. She then decided to place some weights on the nipple clamp chain to intensify the pain. Once the weights were on Mistress Andrea moved behind Sissy and fastened one end of a chain to the arm binder and the other end to an eyelet on a ceiling beam which then forced Sissy to bend uncomfortably forward. Mistress Andrea then secured one end of short length of chain to the front of Sissy's slave collar and the other end to an eyelet in the floor forcing Sissy downward into an even more uncomfortable position. Mistress Andrea then lubed an inflatable butt plug, forced it into Sissy's ass pussy and pumped it until it was fully inflated. "Sissy will stay like this for the next two hours," Mistress Andrea announced, "you can spend the time understanding your place, and thinking about what else I may have in store for you when I return." 

Sissy Faggot Cassie knew very well that his place was to be totally submissive and subservient to Mistress Andrea, but he knew that She was very serious about ensuring that he would have no doubts in that regard, and that She also took great pleasure from his suffering. The two hours in this position seemed like an eternity and every inch of Sissy's body ached from not being able to move. Finally, Sissy heard the sound of Mistress' stiletto heels as She made Her way back to the discipline room. Mistress Andrea did not say a word as She approached Sissy from behind, rather She began to spank his ass hard and didn't stop until it was hot and red. She then proceeded to take a strap to Sissy's ass, beating it with long, hard strokes that brought muffled cries from Sissy's gagged mouth. When Mistress Andrea stopped Sissy knew better than to think that its discipline was over; no discipline session ever ended without either a single tail whipping or canning. All that Sissy caught be grateful for was that he was not being punished as then Mistress would administer both in the most severe of fashions. Mistress Andrea selected a single tail and gave Sissy twenty hard lashes which again brought muffled cries, as well as, a stream of tears rolling down his face. Mistress Andrea ignored Sissy's suffering and said "Sissy will remain in this position for another half hour so that I can make sure that you contemplate today's lesson. Once I release Sissy you are to change into the maid's outfit I have left on your bed and get about making Me lunch then doing all of your chores. Hopefully Sissy has learned today's lesson well for if you commit even the slightest infraction while doing your chores you will be back in here for a canning and whipping that you will never forget." Sissy Faggot Cassie remained whimpering in his restraint's and prayed that he would not fail Mistress Andrea later.