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Sissy Gets Spanked!

Mistress Andrea had very strict rules that Sissy Cassie was required to follow. One of her rules was that Sissy was never to give a real man his phone number to call him.  Mistress owned Sissy and he would only be allowed to be used by a real man only at her discretion.  Mistress had gone out for awhile  and came home to find Sissy Cassie  talking on the phone to a real man that he had met at the super market, and who was interested in fucking Sissy. Outraged at the conversation she overheard, Mistress yanked the phone from Sissy's hand slammed it down and than slapped Sissy hard across the face.  "Fucking little whore bitch, how dare you even think about breaking my rules," Mistress Andrea screamed at him.  "Sissy's sorry Mistress" whimpered Sissy Cassie. "Sorry, sorry, yes you are about to be very, very sorry," yelled Mistress as She grabbed Sissy by the hair and repeatedly slapped his face very hard.
Mistress  took the belt from her jeans and began to whip Sissy's ass with it.  There was no question that Sissy felt Mistress's anger with each blow.  After thrashing Sissy awhile, Mistress dragged him by the hair to the training room and attached a slave collar around his neck.  She then put Sissy's arms in an arm binder behind his back. Mistress grabbed sissy by the hair again and lead him to where an eyelet was screwed into the floor.  She attached a short length of chain to the eyelet, and the other to the collar which forced Sissy to bend quite a bit over.  Mistress then attached another chain to the ring on the arm binder and the other end to an eyelet in a beam above.  This forced Sissy's arm upward from behind and made an already uncomfortable position even more so.

For Mistress, however, it gave her unfettered access to Sissy's ass.  Mistress roughly pulled down Sissy's panties, walked to the wall and took a leather paddle and a cane from it.  "Fucking bitch is going to pay and pay dearly for disobeying me," said Mistress very angrily.  Mistress began to beat Sissy with the paddle, each stroke harder than the one before it, the cracks resonating in the room.  Sissy began to whimper and Mistress just said "whimper now Faggot, shortly you will be screaming as I take the cane to you."  Mistress continued to beat Sissy with the paddle until it's ass was crimson red.  Once satisfied she took the cane and practiced a few strokes in the air.  The whishing sound of the cane made tears come to Sissy's eyes as he knew all too well what was in store for him.

Mistress took the cane and tapped it across Sissy's ass as she measured her strokes. She then began to cane Sissy with very quick and non-stop strokes.  As Mistress had said,  Sissy screamed and cried as she was unrelenting when it came to punishment.  When Mistress finally stopped Sissy's ass was crimson red and filled with welts.  "Faggot will stay in that position for awhile to contemplate what he did; but know this, bitch, when I return you are going to get more of the same." "Please Mistress Andrea don't beat Sissy anymore, please Mistress, Sissy will never disobey you again," pleaded Sissy, tears streaming down his face.  "I believe I've heard Sissy say that before, too bad bitch it's time to pay.  I love administering discipline, it makes me wet when I beat and torture my Faggot.  Hell, I am not even going to wait, Faggot is about to rue its disobedience.  With that Mistress began to severely beat his ass again.
Sissy screamed over and over and Mistress said "Go ahead and scream Faggot, there's no one here to help a little bitch, but Me and I'm not in the mood."  When Mistress was finally done Sissy's ass was full of welts and driplets of blood. She released Sissy from its bondage and he slumped to the floor. "If Faggot hasn't learned now just let me know and I'll be happy to further instruct you" said Mistress sternly as she walked out of the room and left Faggot laying there.