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Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute

Sissy for sale

It was early evening and Sissy Faggot Cassie had just finished showering and washing his hair after having done a full day of chores and serving Mistress Andrea Her dinner. As sissy was toweling off, Mistress Andrea entered the bathroom and said "I just received a call from the guy who chamfered sissy to and from the fag bar for the 10th anniversary celebration. He is very taken with sissy, and is buying you for the entire night. He requested sissy be dressed as a slut; your outfit is on your bed. Sissy has one hour to get completely ready so get to it."
Sissy Faggot Cassie quickly finished in the bathroom and found that Mistress Andrea had assembled an all black outfit for him - silk and lace bra and panty, thigh hi lace top stockings, 4 inch stiletto heels ,a skin tight dress that came just below the bottom of his sissy ass, and a velvet cocker collar with the word Slut in diamonds on it. She had also selected his makeup - foundation, powder, blush, red nail polish, cocksucker red lipstick, sparkle fake eyelashes, black mascara, and rose and gray eye shadows. Once he is dressed Sissy Faggot Cassie presented himself to Mistress Andrea for inspection. "Excellent, sissy looks like a fucking slut which is just what he wants." At that moment the doorbell rang and Sissy Faggot Cassie went and let the man in. The man eyed sissy up and down and wetted his lips as he did. Mistress Andrea said to the man "So what do you think?" "Nice, very nice, I'm going to enjoy tonight." he responded and then added "I have to ask you, I like to be rough with the fags that I fuck, do you have any problem with that?" "Sissy is a bitch so no I don't have any problem with your having rough sex with him; no beating however, that is only for Me to do or another Mistress." "No problem" he responded, "  wasn't intending anything like that. Here's your fee,  I'll return the sissy to you by 9am tomorrow as we discussed." 
The man took Sissy Faggot Cassie by the hand and led him to the car. As they drove off the man looked at Cassie and said "I can't wait to fuck you and I'm going to fuck you hard faggot just like I did at the bar. Reach over and feel my cock it's hard already just from thinking about fucking you." Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told and gently felt the man's rock hard cock and slowly stroked it through his pants. "Open my pants and suck me off as I'm driving bitch." ordered the man. Sissy Faggot Cassie shifted in his seat, unzipped the man's pants and unfastened his belt. Sissy gently reach into the man's pants,  took his cock out and began to lick the head as he stroked it. "Suck it bitch I'm about to exploded!" ordered the man. Sissy Faggot Cassie took the cock into his mouth and sucked up and down on it. The man grabbed sissy's hair and forced him to suck harder and faster. "That's it you fucking fag suck it, suck it." he said in a dominating tone. Sissy Faggot Cassie felt the man's cock begin to throb and tasted his cum as the man exploded in sissy's mouth. "Swallow bitch and lick me clean." he demanded. Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told licking up every drop of cum before he put the man's cock back in his pants.
When they arrived at the man's house he directed sissy over to bar and told him to pour him a glass of wine. As the man sat and  sipped the wine he had sissy move about slowly and sensually which began to arouse him. The man rose and roughly grabbed sissy by the hair and tongue kissed him. He then forced sissy over the chair, hiked his dress up, roughly pulled his panties down to his knees and forced his cock into sissy's ass pussy. The man fucked sissy hard and again grabbed hold of his hair, pulling his head back and and to the side so that he could kiss him again. "Fuck me bitch!" he ordered. Sissy Faggot Cassie moved back and forth keeping pace with the man's thrusts which grew harder and harder as he was about to cum. The man shot his load into Cassie's ass pussy and then after pulling out grabbed Cassie by the hair and shoved his cock into sissy's mouth. "Clean my cock fag, clean it , taste your filth and my cum like the fucking whore that you are." he said mockingly. Sissy did so without hesitating as Mistress Andrea had trained him to mouth clean Her dildos after She fucked him.
"I'll be back in a few minutes faggot, get your dress off, and knell waiting for me. Oh, leave the panties down around your knees." he commanded. Sissy did as he was told and knelt waiting with his head bowed for the man to return. "Look up  bitch." ordered the man. "Lick my balls, that's it fag boy now suck them. Ummm yeah, lick them again and then get to sucking my cock."  Sissy Faggot Cassie licked around the man's balls, then took the head of his cock in his mouth and began to lick the head as he had it in his mouth. Sissy then began to stroke the man's cock as he began to suck, taking more and more of it into his mouth. As sissy sucked, the man began to moan and he put his hands on Cassie's head and began to mouth fuck him. The man drove his cock harder and harder into sissy's mouth and pressed his stomach against Cassie's face as he shot his hot cum down sissy's throat. The man held sissy's face hard against him  for a few minutes and then wiped his cock on Cassie's face.
"I need to take a short break faggot, go crawl over to the corner and face the wall while I relax." he commanded.
After relaxing a while, the man fucked sissy's ass pussy and again forced him to mouth clean his cock. Over the balance of the night the man repeatedly took Cassie's mouth and ass pussy, filling both with his cum. When morning came the man said "Last call faggot suck me before I take you back to your Mistress."  Sissy sucked the man off, but this time the man shot his load over Cassie's face and then dragged him over to a mirror and mockingly said "Look at yourself you pathetic fucking fag, you're nothing but a cock sucking fucking whore, a cum dumpster for every cock, a dirty little sissy bitch to be fucked and abused. Wipe that cum off with your hand and lick it up slut."  Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told licking up the cum that had covered his face. "Taste good faggot?" he asked. Sissy just sheepishly looked at the man who then said  Get those panties up and your dress on and get out to the car." 
When they arrived at Mistress Andrea's She asked the man if sissy was satisfactory. "I'll be back again if  it is okay with you; there's something about this fag that I just makes me want to fuck him." "Excellent! exclaimed Mistress Andrea, adding "sissy is for sale anytime just let me know." After the man left Mistress said "My little faggot seems worn out, no sleep?" "No Mistress" answered Cassie. "Go douche yourself and take a shower. I will allow sissy a three hour nap, no longer than that as sissy has grocery and other shopping to do." directed Mistress. Sissy Faggot Cassie went and did as he was told as he is Mistress Andrea's property, totally submissive and devoted to Her.