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Below are some stories about feminization, forced femme, and cuckold, original and some are by myself in collaboration with my property Sissy Cassie. I hope that you enjoy them.

"The Mall"

"Good morning Mistress," said Sissy Cassie as Mistress Andrea entered the room. "Good morning Sissy," replied Mistress. "May Sissy speak," asked Sissy Cassie?  "Yes, he may," responded Mistress Andrea.  "Mistress seems particularly happy this morning, may Sissy ask if there is something special that You are going to do today?" asked Sissy Cassie.  "It is such a beautiful day that I think we'll take a walk together to the mall, and do some shopping for both of us."  "Really Mistress?  You will take Sissy with You?" Sissy Cassie said excitedly.  "Yes My little Sissy," Mistress Andrea said smiling. "We'll walk and get some fresh air and then shop.  I especially want to get Sissy a new slutty dress,  if you continue to behave well,  I am going to take you to the club with me tomorrow night."  Sissy Cassie couldn't hide his excitement, but Mistress said "just remember Sissy, if you don't behave you not only won't come with me to the club, but I'll whip your Sissy ass until it is beat red."  "Sissy promises to be good Mistress," he replied. 

Mistress told Sissy to go into his closet and pick out a Sissy outfit for a trip to the mall, telling him to hurry up and then come to her room to have his make-up put on.  As Mistress Andrea instructed, Sissy Cassie went to his closet and picked a Sissy outfit out, pink layered ruffled skirt , a pink sweater,  and his pink open toed pump sandals.  He also decided to change from the pink bra and panty set that he had on to a pink ruffled rhumba panty and a two tone pink bra with flowers on it. Sissy also selected pink thigh hi stockings and hurried to change into his outfit as he did not want to keep Mistress waiting. Sissy always loved when Mistress decided to take him out with her, and when Mistress applied his make-up.  Sissy looked in the mirror and turned from side to side trying to make sure that his outfit looked nice before he presented himself to Mistress Andrea.  Once done, Sissy hurried to Mistress so she could put his makeup and inspect him before they went out

When Mistress was done applying Sissy's makeup she said "when we are at the mall we will look for a new red lipstick for Sissy first, then shop for a slut dress for you for tomorrow night."  Sissy Cassie's excitement grew so much that his clitty was becoming sore from trying to grow in his chastity restraint.  Mistress sensed Sissy's excitement and said, "Sissy will have a very sore clitty today, it won't be coming out of its cage no matter what."  Mistress Andrea put Sissy Cassie's dog collar on him, the one with the silver letters on it saying 'Sissy Fag'.  She then fixed a pink dog leash to the collar and said "I want everyone to know that you are my sissy faggot, not just some little faggot off on his own."  "May Sissy ask a question Mistress?" said Sissy Cassie.  "Yes Sissy" responded Mistress Andrea. "If we see a really cute guy while we are at the mall, will we try to see if Sissy can suck his cock?" asked Sissy Cassie. "Hmm, Sissy seems very anxious for some cock, we will see," said Mistress Andrea.

Mistress took Sissy into the department store at the mall and stopped at the make-up counter.  She said to the saleslady, "I want a deep red lipstick for the faggot on my leash."  The saleslady smiled, as on occasion she had dealt with some other sissies.  When she handed it to Sissy she said, "enjoy it sweetie." Mistress lead Sissy out of the store and told him that they were headed to get him a slut dress to wear to the club that night.  When they entered the store, there were several high school and college age girls there. Some were working, others just shopping.  When they saw Sissy in his pink outfit they broke into laughter, and Sissy heard one say "look at  this fag."  One of the girls noticed that Sissy stood near Mistress and said, "I'm sorry but may I ask, why is that faggot on a leash?"  "Why do you ask?"  responded Mistress Andrea.  "Just curious I've never see a faggot with a woman before, let alone on the end of a leash," replied the girl.  "I own this one, he is my property,  he has to do whatever I tell him to do, and if he doesn't he gets severely punished. You should find one for yourself, having your own faggot to amuse yourself with is so much fun,"  said Mistress.   Mistress picked out a very short, low cut,
tight fitting red dress and said to the salesgirl, "if you don't mind I'd like faggot to try this on, I have something special in mind tonight and I want him to look its slutty best".  The salesgirl said sure and asked Mistress if she and the other girls could see how the fag looked it in. "Yes, I think that is a great idea" responded Mistress.  She handed Sissy the dress and told him to quickly change into it and to then come out and model the dress for everyone. Sissy hurried into the dressing room and after changing into the dress came out into the store.  The girls whistled at him,  and said "hey baby come here and give me some," as they broke into laughter. Mistress was very pleased by this scene and let it continue as she thoroughly enjoyed humiliating Sissy.  After several more minutes Mistress told Sissy to get back into his sissy clothes and pay for the dress.  As Sissy was paying the girls stood around Mistress and asked her questions about her and her Sissy.

As they were walking through the mall Mistress saw that a new store had opened.  In the windows were various very pretty Sissy styled outfits. Mistress Andrea looked at Sissy and said, "we definitely have to shop in here for faggot. I think that I'd love that pink pinafore on Sissy." Mistress took Sissy into the store and told the saleslady that she wanted  the pinafore in the window for her sissy. The saleslady looked at Sissy and laughed, then asked Mistress what size Sissy wore.  Mistress told her the size, and the saleslady pulled the pinafore from the rack. "Do you want to take it?" she asked Mistress. "If you don't mind, I think Sissy better try it on first," rsponded Mistress. The saleslady lead Sissy to the dressing room and handed him the pinafore.  As she did Mistress told Sissy to come out of the dressing room after he had it on so she could take a look. Sissy quickly changed into the pinafore and came out for Mistress to see.  The saleslady tried to stifle her laughter but couldn't.  She apologized to Mistress, Mistress said "But why? it is a little sissy, and ridicule is just something appropriate for him to endure. "Then looking at Sissy, Mistress said, "turn Sissy so that Mistress can see, that's it. Hmm, it looks just adorable on Sissy. Let's also get them matching apron so Sissy doesn't ruin the pinafore as he does his chores." The saleslady got the apron and after packaging everything up handed it to Sissy, sarcastically saying, "maybe you can come over and clean for me as well,"  laughing again.  Mistress said, "there's a thought, maybe we can have a Sissy cleaning service," and she laughed too.  "Okay, let's go my pretty, we need to get Sissy some shoes to go with its new pinafore,"  said Mistress Andrea. "Mistress what type of shoes do you have in mind?" asked Sissy Cassie. "Mary Jane's of course Sissy, and I think some and socks with little ruffles will make Sissy look like the perfect little faggot that you are!" said his Mistress.

They entered the shoe store and Mistress sat and instructed Sissy to ask for a  pair of Mary Janes to fit him.   Before he asked the saleslady for his size in a pair of Mary Jane's, Mistress called over to Sissy and told him to come back by her and clean some dirt off of her shoe. Sissy hurried back over to where Mistress Andrea was seated. Sissy knelt before her, opened his pink purse, pulled out its dainty flowered hanky and cleaned Mistress Andreas's shoe as all of the ladies in the store watched. When Sissy was done he asked Mistress if he could clean her other shoe as well, and she shifted her long beautiful legs so Sissy could.  When Sissy was done, Mistress said aloud, "what a good little faggot you are.  Now go ask the saleslady if she has Mary Jane's in your size, if she does ask her for two pairs one in pink and one in black."

"Yes Mistress Andrea," responded Sissy and he stood, turned daintily and went to the counter.  As sissy walked he could hear snickering and hushed laughter. He turned to look at Mistress Andrea and she simply smiled at him and gave him a wave with the back of her hand directing him to continue.  Sissy told the saleslady his size and she told him that she had them, all the while giving Sissy a very disapproving stare. "Please Miss," said Sissy, 'Mistress wants Sissy to get them, and socks with ruffles for his new maids outfit."  "You're joking, right? asked the saleslady.  "Are you going to a party? she asked. "No Miss," replied Sissy. "I am  Mistress Andrea's property and she  requires that I be a Sissy and faggot."   "Whatever," responded the saleslady, as the other Women in the store laughed even louder.  The saleslady brought Sissy out two boxes and told him that he would have to try them on by himself. "Yes Miss," responded Sissy.  Sissy brought the shoes over by Mistress and sat across from her. "Put the black ones on first faggot and then model for me,"  instructed Mistress Andrea.  Sissy did, and Mistress told him that she liked them,  and then had him do the same with the pink ones. "We'll take both pairs, and make sure faggot that you get several pairs of white and pink socks with ruffles on them," directed Mistress. "Yes Mistress," responded Sissy and he went to the counter to ask for the socks and then make payment. When Sissy was done Mistress left the store smiling with Sissy trailing at the end of her leash and being subjected to more ridicule.

When they left the store they proceeded through the mall to go back home, everyone was staring at them. Mistress Andrea was very pleased parading her Sissy that way, showing everyone her superiority and that she owned the faggot on the leash. Once outside Mistress said to Sissy Cassie, "I enjoyed myself thoroughly watching and hearing everyone humiliate my little faggot, and we got it some pretty things as well. I enjoyed myself so much that when we get home Sissy will be on his knees pleasuring me."