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"The Parade"

Mistress Andrea had arranged with some people to take her Faggot down to the winning team's stadium, to give the player's one of the many presents that they would receive for winning the championship. In this case, her Faggot would be getting the team into the proper spirit before their big parade by giving them blowjobs. She had laid out slutty red lace panties, a red bustier, 5 inch fuck me pumps, and a very short skin tight red skirt  for the Faggot to wear. Mistress was ready to do Sissy's  makeup, but first she had to wake the Faggot up; it was 6 am. "Wake up Faggot, I need to get you dressed, we are off to the stadium for Faggot to suck some cock, then we will go watch the parade," whispered Mistress

Mistress had already dressed and looked very pretty in her new outfit, skin tight jeans and cashmere sweater. Faggot would look appropriate for the occasion in the outfit that she had selected, as the players would be very happy getting their cocks sucked before the parade. Mistress whispered again "Sissy...wake up My little Sissy...wake up, Mistress has some cocks for it to suck."

Sissy woke very sleepily and said "Sorry Mistress, Sissy was just starting to have a wonderful dream about going to suck off the football team."  "It isn't a dream Sissy, Mistress was whispering to Sissy that we need to go so Sissy can suck off the team. Then again I guess it is a dream come true for Sissy to suck off that many cocks," chuckled  Mistress. "Oh by the way, since there will be fifty or so cocks to suck, and time may run out Mistress Alana will be joining us with Sissy Jen; each Sissy will get at least  twenty five cocks to suck."  "Oh Mistress this is so wonderful, those guys are all so big, their cocks just have to be also don't You think?" said Sissy."  " I suppose so My little Sissy cock whore, it's mouth will find out soon enough.  Now let's get Sissy ready."  replied Mistress.

Sissy freshed up and quickly dressed in the slut outfit that Mistress Andrea had laid out.  Mistress then put Sissy's make-up on, three shades of blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara, and several coats of red lip plumper. "Put the plumper in Sissy's red purse as I'm sure with all of the cocks Sissy will be sucking we will have to freshen your lips several times," said  Mistress.

They left the house and drove to Mistress Alana's to pick them up.  Mistress Alana and Sissy Jen were waiting outside when they arrived.  Mistress Alana had dressed Her Sissy as a slut all in black. The Mistresses sat in the front of the car and talked as Mistress Andrea drove.  Their Sissies were told to sit silently with heads bowed until they arrived at the stadium.  When they arrived one of Mistress Andrea's contacts met the car and helped Her and Mistress Alana out.  He then asked "Are those the two cocksuckers?"  "Yes," replied Mistress Andrea, and then she opened one of the rear doors and told the Sissies to get out. "Hmm, these two cocksuckers look just like the kind of sluts that the guys like; let's get them to the locker room and sucking," said the man.  

When they reached the locker room the guys were all standing around talking and let out a cheer when they saw the two Sissy sluts enter the room.  The man who had lead them down introduced the Mistress's. He then told the group that the team captain's and assistant captain's would be sucked off first, then everyone else would have their number called when it was their turn.  Each Sissy was given a place to kneel and then each captain walked forward and stood in front of either of the Sissies.  Neither Sissy had to be instructed what to do as the Sissy's beautiful Mistress's had given both plenty of instruction; and the Sissies craved sucking cock. The Sissy's unzipped each man's pant's, took their cock's out and gently began to stroke them as they licked and mouthed the heads.  As the cock's began to harden the Sissy's licked up and down the shaft's and then hungrily began to suck them.  The Mistress's looked on,  pleased that their Sissy's had learned to suck cock so well.  Soon the captain's grabbed the back of the Sissy's heads and  almost in unison shot their cum into the Sissy's  mouths.  When they finished the Sissy's licked the cock's clean and then placed them back into the captain's  pants and zipped them back up.  It took the Sissy's the next few hours to suck off the rest of the team, but each blowjob was given with the same passion as the first. It had been awhile since the Sissy's had sucked that many cocks as the Mistresses had not pimped the Sissies out in almost a month.  When the Sissies finished  sucking off the last guy, they snuck a dreamy eyed smile at one another as they licked their lips clean of the leftover cum.  Both Sissy's loved sucking cock and eating loads of cum.

The Mistresses told the Sissy's to rise and the guys gave the Mistresses their thanks for their blowjobs. The Mistress's were invited to join the after parade party which they accepted.  "What should we do with the cocksucker's?" asked Mistress Andrea's contact.  "I think that Mistress Alana and I deserve to have a good time, is there a closet of some kind here that the Sissy's can be left in until we're done?" she asked?"  "Why yes, there is," he replied."  " I have some rope in my trunk, we'll tie the Sissies up back to back so that they can't kiss and grind each other and then place them in the closet," said Mistress Andrea.  Both Sissies looked dejected as they had hoped to go to the parade and maybe suck some of the guys cocks again. "Too bad, little bitches," said Mistress Alana  "but the guys will be looking for real women now, and we're looking for some entertainment for ourselves." With that the Sissies were tied securely together and placed in the closet to await the Mistresses return.