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The Progression..

She lies awake telling herself that she has finally had enough with his inability to pleasure her as a man should.  Aside from the fact that his cock leaves much to be desired in length and girth, she finds him pathetic at foreplay, and he can't keep himself from cumming much beyond when he enters her. She needs a real man, someone who knows how to make love to a woman and has the ability and cock to do it. She has made up her mind that she will have the one, maybe more than one lover to do just that. Now she needs to decide what to do with, she can't bring herself to refer to him as a man, so the boy laying beside her. Despite her frustration with his lack of manhood, she still has a degree of fondness for him, and she knows that he adores her. She thinks there has to be some use for him, her mind starts to wander and she begins to think well he isn't a man and we are paying a maid, maybe just maybe that is what he is cutout for. She could take the money they are spending to pay for the maid and put it to better use on things she wants to pamper herself with; and maybe to be occasionally nice once in awhile to her lovers.

When they wake in the morning she tells him that she will be a little late and to be a darling and have dinner ready when she gets home. She arrives home around 7, shopping bags in hand and tells him that after dinner she has a few surprises for him. He tries to ask what, but she simply smiles and says in due time sweetie. After they eat she asks him if he would  clean-up as she is very tired. He asks what about her surprises and she says "after you clean-up dear, I will be in the living room."  When he is done in the kitchen he finds her sitting in her favorite chair, pink boxes lining the floor in front of her. She smiles at him seductively and he moves towards her. She tells him to come sit on the floor by her so they can talk. He does as she asks and she begins very softly to tell him that she has been thinking a lot about their relationship and how she feels that it needs to move into a different direction.

She sees the panic in his face and tells him not to worry that she is not leaving him, but that their relationship will be changing. He sits totally bewildered and starts to tell her how much he loves her. She responds that she knows that, and she knows that he will keep on loving her despite what she is about to tell him. He looks at her anxiously and she says, "I simply don't know a better way than to be direct about this, I can no longer stand having you attempt to make love to me. I know that you try hard, but you simply don't have what it takes to please a woman."  His face reddens and he is about to protest but she cuts him off. She asks him what is there really to argue about, telling him that his cock is small and he finishes as soon as he is inside of her. "I have put up long enough with you're being incapable of satisfying me, but no longer. We will stay married, but I am going to take lovers, and you will be my maid." she states rather sternly.

He responds that neither will happen and she quickly sits up and slaps him hard across the face, screaming at him,  "you will do what I say and I will do as I please or I will toss your pathetic ass out."   He whimpers, "please no," and she responds, "I thought not. "Now sweetie kindly open the boxes so you can see what I bought you."

The first box he opens has a pink and white maids dress, the next a pink lace bra and ruffled pink panties, the next little pink pumps and pink stockings. He says, "you must be kidding,"  and she responds, "no I am not. You are not a man, have no possible way of being one, so this is what you will be, my sissy maid."  He again tries to protest and she slaps his face hard again and tells him, "don't make me remind you again what the consequence of not doing what I say will be."  He sits there staring at the outfit and she tells him to take off his clothes and let her see how everything fits on him.  He slowly rises and does as she says . She has him model for her so she could see from all sides. "Yes, I think this states perfectly well what you are. I will be doing more shopping for you dear as a sissy can't have just one outfit to do it's chores in. I will also get some wigs and make-up so you will be a pretty little maid," she tells him.  Over the next several weeks she ensured  that her new sissy was doing all of its chores, and trained him in how to apply his own make-up and walk and act like a little miss.  She had also taken a lover at work and taunted her sissy will tales of their love making.

When she arrived home this particular evening she decided to be especially cruel about telling her tale, as she had taken both her lover and his best friend.  She described in detail how they took her, how she screamed in pleasure from the repeated orgasms they gave her, something that sissy never could do.  She then told him that she had decided that sissy was going to serve her in another way as well.  Sissy was going to clean the cum out of her each time she had sex with a man. Sissy was going to lick her clean and become a filthy little cum eater.  Sissy begged her no, but she told him this is only the beginning. In a mocking tone she tells him,  "from now on besides being my maid, you will be my cum cleaner, you will be my toilet, and you will be my fluff boy. That's right, I am going to have my lovers take me here, you are going to watch them take me, and your mouth is going to be used to get them ready for me. Hell, you are already a sissy so it's only natural that you be a faggot. Your pretty little mouth being my toilet will just cap everything off."  From then on life became whatever she made it, only a real man could have resisted.