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Adult Book Store with Sissy Robert

When they arrived at the adult book story, Sissy Robert's heart was racing as he panicked seeing the men walking in and out of the store. Mistress Andrea looked at him and said, "oh, I don't think you're ready to suck real dick, but if you want to try I'm sure we can find some pervert here who'd stuff your mouth for you."  "No, please no Mistress!" exclaimed Sissy Robert in a pleading voice. Mistress Andrea with a smirk on her face said "No, I didn't think you would, but rest assured sissy, the time will come and relatively soon when you'll be sucking cock to entertain me, and maybe even make some money for me. Now go ahead and walk ahead of me so  I can see and hear everyone's reactions to the sissy." Sissy Robert looked pleadingly at her, and Mistress Andrea said "Remember what I told you will happen sissy if you misbehave." Sissy Robert bit his lip and began to walk towards  the store. The couple of men who were in the parking lot stopped and  looked at him, shaking their heads with disgust. Sissy Robert heard one say "Fucking fag." which raised his panic.
Sissy Robert nervousness grew when he opened the door to the store and saw  that there were a number of men in it. Most of the men were preoccupied thumbing through magazines, but they all looked up when one whistled at Sissy Robert. Sissy's face grew red with embarrassment as the men started to check him out, and he got especially nervous when a couple of men in the gay magazine section blew him kisses, and licked their lips. All of this brought a distinct smile to Mistress Andrea's face, but she decided to make it apparent to everyone that sissy was with her. She took Sissy Robert by the hand and lead him to the section of the store that had dildos, butt plugs and anal beads. As they looked at the selection of dildos Mistress Andrea asked "Has sissy ever had a dildo in its ass pussy?"  "No Mistress." replied Sissy Robert. "Well, I'll  eventually be fucking sissy with that  thick 10 inch one, but for now we'll start you out on 6 and 7 inches, and also get a 6 inch butt plug. Also, I don't want to buy everything at once, that would ruin the opportunity to humiliate you further."  As Mistress Andrea was selecting the dildos a man brushed up against Sissy Robert and said "Hmm nice ass." which immediately alarmed sissy. Mistress Andrea turned to the man and said "Sissy isn't quite ready yet for what you have in mind, but if you're patient and around in the future he will be." The man backed off and smiled saying "Oh I'll be here and looking forward to some cherry."
After they purchased the dildos Mistress Andrea lead Sissy Robert from the store by the hand. She could feel him trembling and thought about scolding him then and there, but decided instead to be a little patient with him. "Let's stop for a cup of coffee then I'll take you home and start your training. Sissy Robert didn't respond, he was still trembling from the encounter with the man.