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Turning Cuckold Part10

After dinner, Mistress Andrea told Sissy Robert to quickly clean the dishes and once done, to freshen his lipstick and wait on his knee's for her in his bedroom. She entered his room again only dressed in spiked heels and the strap on harness with the six inch dildo inserted in it. "Begin by showing me what you learned this afternoon faggot," she ordered.  Sissy Robert began slowly stroking the cock and then, while still doing so, licked the balls and then licked his way up the cock and mouthed the head of it.  "Not bad faggot," she said, "but I expect you to learn more quickly, and to show more hunger and passion for cock. Start again!" 

Sissy Robert did as he was told and tried to demonstrate more desire as Mistress Andrea required. "Bettter!  Now do it again faggot and this time start sucking the cock after you mouth the head some."  As Sissy Robert began to suck Mistress Andrea said  "remember faggot do not use your teeth. Alternate between sucking and licking fag, that's it, now suck some more of it, come on fag take more of it into your mouth and suck faggot."  Sissy Robert sucked the cock for a few minutes and then stopped and looked up at Mistress Andrea. Without saying a word she slapped his face and then said, "who told you to stop sucking faggot, get that cock in your mouth and suck it until I tell you otherwise." Sissy Robert was about to say something but was stopped cold by another hard slap to his face.  "Get that cock in you mouth now or so help you faggot I will beat you good," shouted  Mistress Andrea.

 Sissy Robert quickly began to suck the cock , however he was sucking too quickly and only taking about 2 inches of it in his mouth. Mistress Andrea, her face flushed with anger grabbed Sissy Robert by his hair pulled his face away from her strap on and proceeded to slap him repeatedly across the face."  You stupid faggot!" she screamed.   "Get up!" Mistress Andrea dragged Sissy Robert by his hair  to her bedroom and forced him over a chair.  "Don't even think about moving, "she ordered. "I have told you repeatedly what I expect of you but you continue to not get the message you little bitch. Well, its time to learn!"  Mistress Andrea tied his wrists to the legs of the chair and roughly pulled his panties down. "You're going to learn to listen to me and to fear me sissy.  We'll see if  you begin to get the message after twenty hard lashes with the single tail."  "No please Mistress, no," Sissy Robert cried out.  "Fuck you! she replied and lashed him, each one bringing screams and tears.

When she finished whipping him, sissy's ass was a mass of welt's.  Mistress Andrea untied him and said "get out of my sight bitch before I decide to beat you some more.  Your cock sucking training will begin right after breakfast tomorrow, and even one mistake and I will whip your sissy, faggot, ass, again."  Sissy Robert hurried to his bedroom sobbing and in great pain, and pulled the covers over his head as he cried himself to sleep.