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Turning Cuckold Part 12

When Sissy Robert woke the next morning his ass was still a mass of welt's and hurt very badly. He found a note from Mistress Andrea that he was to dress in a red bra and panties, with red thigh hi stocking and boots. After dressing he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his Mistress. Mistress Andrea did not say a word when she entered the room, but Sissy Robert turned  to her with his head bowed and said "sissy is sorry Mistress." and was about to say more but thought better of it.  "Turn and pull your panties down," instructed  Mistress Andrea.  "Yes, I bet you're sorry. If you don't want to listen and learn they'll be much more of that sissy, much more. Pull your panties up and serve me my breakfast."  
Once breakfast was done, Mistress Andrea lead Sissy Robert back to his room.  In the corner, suctioned to a small wood table, was the 6 inch dildo. "I have some things to do faggot, you are to get on your knee's and suck and lick  that dildo for the next hour, no stopping. When I come back in here I want to see that you can suck at least 4 inches of cock and that you are doing it like you love it and want even more so you better put your mind to it," Mistress Andrea told him. Sissy Robert didn't hesitate he moved towards the table, knelt and immediately began to lick the cock up and down as Mistress Andrea watched. As she walked out of the room she said,  "remember faggot, one hour and no stopping or I'll return with the single tail." 
Sissy Robert realized all too well last night that fighting this even emotionally was useless, Mistress Andrea was firmly in control and nothing was going to change what he now was, a sissy and faggot. He continued to lick the cock up and down, and then licked the head before mouthing it.  He then began to suck, at first only taking an inch of the cock, then gradually taking more of it, trying his best to suck 4 inches. Since this was only his third time sucking he was having trouble doing so without gagging.
The time went by and he kept sucking as he had been told to, never stopping for fear of another whipping.  Some time later he heard Mistress Andrea walk into the room but he didn't take his mouth off of the cock.  "Hmm, not quite 4 inches faggot," said Mistress as she watched him suck.  Sissy Robert was too afraid to answer, rather he tried to suck further down on the cock and gagged. His gagging brought a soft chuckle from Mistress Andrea.  "Okay faggot you can stop for 5 minutes then back to sucking for another hour.  If you can't take the 4 inches after that there will be 5 lashes with the whip. Now, sucky sucky. faggot!"
Sissy Robert cringed at the thought of the whip and immediately began sucking, though doing it slowly, working more and more of it into his mouth. He continued to gag, but tried to relax himself as he sucked up and down on the cock and finally got to the point where he could take the 4 inches without gagging. Sissy Robert was so occupied with his sucking that he didn't hear when Mistress Andrea walked back into the room. "Well well, aren't we becoming the little cock sucker, "she said, adding "Guess the threat of the whip was what you needed, well of course only after you experienced it I can't blame you. You'll escape it this time faggot since you are doing much better, but discipline will be administered whenever there is a need, or simply to be a periodic reminder of who is in charge and what your place in life is. Also, I enjoy it so there's always that reason as well. Now you may stop for 15 minutes then you will suck again for another hour. This is the regime that you will follow the rest of the  day with  only longer breaks when I require lunch and dinner.  Understand, faggot?" "Yes Mistress Andrea." he replied and did exactly as she instructed the rest of the day.