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Turning Cuckold Part

Upon waking the next morning, Sissy Robert found that Mistress Andrea had laid out a silk and lace black bra and panty set for him to wear along with a black garter belt and  lace top stocking's, and black thigh hi boot's. She had not laid out a skirt or top so he immediately took that he would be spending the day again being trained to suck cock. He dressed quickly, carefully put on his make-up and upon entering the kitchen found that Mistress Andrea was already up and having coffee. "Sissy is so sorry Mistress, Sissy didn't realize that you were awake!" He exclaimed nervously, adding
 "may Sissy make you breakfast?"   "Hmmm, a little tired this morning sissy from all of your cock sucking yesterday?" asked Mistress Andrea.  "No Mistress, sissy didn't think that you would be up so early, sissy will set the clock to go off even earlier each day." responded Robert, and asked again if he could make her breakfast.  Before she responded Mistress Andrea shifted her chair and said "get over my knees sissy."  Sissy Robert bit his lip and anxiously laid across his Mistress' knees. Mistress Andrea pulled the sides of his panties together and tucked them in the crack of his ass.  "You will never make me wait for anything again sissy," she said and proceeded to firmly spank his ass, ordering him to count each one. After fifteen hard slaps sissy's ass was bright red. "Now you may make my breakfast sissy, and be quick about it, or your ass will get more," ordered Mistress Andrea.
After having her breakfast Mistress Andrea placed a slave collar around Sissy's neck and attached a leash to it. and said,  "time to practice sucking some cock you sissy faggot.  I am going to make you into the perfect little cock slut! When I am done with you you are going to hunger for cock and beg me constantly to let you suck it for me. You are going to be my personal cock fluffer getting my men ready for me. You'll also be my fag whore making money for me. Yes, my little cock slut sissy faggot is what you are going to be."   Mistress Andrea led Sissy Robert down the hall to her bedroom and ordered him to knell as she put on the strap-on harness and inserted a 7 inch cock. 

"Let's see if faggot remembers his lessons from yesterday," she said and added, "suck this cock as if it was real."  Sissy Robert began to slowly lick the cock up and down, and then licked the head and gently took it into his mouth. He sucked the head and then began to take more of the cock into his mouth sucking it slowly as he did.  As he was able to take more and more of the cock Mistress Andrea urged him on saying, "that's it faggot suck that cock, take it, I want you to take it all you fucking fag, suck it. That's a good faggot suck that cock, come on fag suck it all.  Gag on it faggot!"  Sissy Robert gagged as he tried to take all of the cock which caused him to begin to pull off of it but Mistress Andrea grabbed the back of his head and forced the cock down his throat, not releasing him as he gagged and gagged on it.  "I have no intention of waiting long for you to learn faggot, I want you sucking real cock soon," she said as she continued to hold his head and began to face fuck him.  "Suck it you fucking slut, suck this cock you fucking fag."  Sissy Robert continued to gag and choke on the cock as Mistress Andrea forced him suck it.  "Come on you little bitch suck all of this cock now or I'll beat your sissy faggot ass." She angrily ordered.

As much as Sissy Robert tried he was unable to take the full 7 inches without continuing to gag which made Mistress Andrea angry. She pulled the cock out of Sissy's mouth and slapped him hard several times across the face.  "I want you sucking all of the cock faggot." she screamed at him.  "Sissy is sorry Mistress, I am really trying to."  He exclaimed in a scared voice.  "Shut up and get that cock back in your mouth and suck it like I want you to you fucking fag," ordered Mistress Andrea, adding "I will be having a new friend over this weekend and I expect you to be able to properly suck him so he is nice and hard for me. If you can't or don't I will whip you right in front of him.  Now, get sucking!"  Sissy Robert immediately began to suck the cock trying harder than before to take it all without choking and gagging. The very thought of being whipped again striking fear throughout him.