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Turning Cuckold Part 17

Mistress Andrea and Paul took their coffee to the living room and talked as Sissy Robert went about his chores. As sissy cleaned he intermittently overheard derisive comments by Paul about him for what he was, all bringing apparent delight to Mistress Andrea.  It wasn't lost on sissy that his Mistress took extreme pleasure in his humiliation, she had made that evident from the start, but he hoped that his being mocked and degraded by others would be minimal. He had hoped for that, but he also knew better, and realized this was all his fault as he was too weak to confront her and put a stop to it.
After a couple of hours Mistress Andrea called out to sissy and he hurried to the entry way where she and Paul stood.
"Paul is leaving now sissy,  thank him for turning you into a faggot," she said.  Sissy Robert looked at her and gently bit his lip, then quickly turned to Paul and said, "thank you sir for making me a faggot."  Paul snickered, gave sissy a look of disgust as he shook his head and said, "you are such a pathetic little fuck.  You definitely deserve to be in a dress and sucking dick, maybe even gilded. You have no need for balls as you don't have the balls not to humiliate yourself. I'm going to tell some friends of mine about you and have them save some cum in condoms which I will bring over for your Mistress to feed you, you fucking faggot. I bet after swallowing several loads of my cum that you'd love that.  Maybe she'll feed it to you one at a time, or mix all of that strange cum up and have you guzzle it down all at once."

 "What a wonderful idea!" Mistress Andrea said,  "don't you agree sissy?"  Sissy Robert didn't respond which brought a hard slap across his face from Mistress as she said "don't you ever ignore me when I speak to you you fucking sissy.  Now, don't you agree?"  "If it pleases you,"  responded Sissy Robert.  "If it please me, that's not what I asked  you little bitch!" she angrily said.  "Yes it is a wonderful idea Mistress," he meekly responded.  "Yes I thought so," she said adding.  "Maybe we'll have a little contest to see if you can determine if the cum you are eating is from a white guy or a black guy, Paul has friends who are both.  Do you think you can tell the difference faggot?"  "Sissy doesn't know Mistress," he replied."   I have to go,"  said  Paul, "but don't worry faggot I'll be back soon enough with some cum for you." 
When Paul left Mistress Andrea turned to sissy and said, "I've had enough of your whinny little behavior, time to get that ass of yours beat. Get down to the room and get on the spanking bench, I'll be there soon enough."
Sissy hurried off, fear striking deep within him, as he knew that he was about to be severely punished.