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Turning Cuckold Part 18

Sissy Robert hurried to the discipline room that Mistress Andrea had set up, took off his dress and got on the spanking bench, heart racing with fear as he waited for Mistress Andrea.  When she entered the room, Mistress Andrea went about fastening sissy's wrists tightly to the bench's cuffs.  She them roughly pulled his panties down to his knees and then tightened his ankle's likewise. Before she administered his beating she moved to the front of the bench, grabbed his hair, pulled his head up and began to slap him repeatedly hard across as she admonished him.  "I am tired of your whining and tired of your trying to resist what I have and am making you. You are nothing but a sissy and a faggot, that is what I want and that is what you are going to be. A fucking sissy faggot, sucking dicks, eating cum, and taking it up the ass for me." 

His face was deep red by the time she had finished slapping him. Sissy was about to speak, but Mistress Andrea cut him off saying, "all I want to hear from you is your screams as I whip you, and for you to repeat after each stroke,  "thank you Mistress for making me a sissy faggot."  She abruptly let go of his hair and walked to the wall where her favorite single tail whip hung and then proceeded to apply the first lash.  Sissy screamed out in pain, and then whimpered, "thank you Mistress for making me a sissy faggot."  "I want to hear it loud and clear you fucking bitch," she yelled at him, and applied the next lash. Again sissy screamed, but this time repeated more loudly, "thank you Mistress for making me a sissy faggot."
 Mistress Andrea proceeded with sissy's beating until she was sufficiently pleased with the degree of welts and bruising that she had caused. I will be back shortly as I'm not done with you, she left sissy writhing on the bench in extreme pain, wears flowing down his cheeks as he cried and cried. 
After a short while Mistress Andrea returned, released sissy from the spanking bench and dragged him by his hair to the cross. She had him face forward as she secured his wrists and ankles to it. "I am not going to fuck around with you anymore, discipline of the severest nature is what you are going to be constantly subjected to you sissy fag." She said in a disgusted tone. Mistress Andrea took a riding crop and began to beat sissy's balls hard resulting in screams of agony  She then  put a parachute around the top of his ball sack and abruptly secured 5 pounds of weights to it. The weights immediately pulled down on his balls causing immediate discomfort, which quickly turned to pain as she began to swing the weights back and forth. With the weights continuing to move , Mistress Andrea pinched  and twist his nipples making him scream even more and then attached nipple clamps which she pulled and tugged on. "This is what sissy faggot's get when they don't behave". she said, adding "You are going to stay there with those weights pulling on your worthless fucking balls for the next hour, but before I leave see how this feels." As Mistress finished her sentence she took hold of the weights held them up waist high and let them drop. Sissy screamed in agony as his Mistress looked into his eyes and said "Fucking faggot."
Once the hour had passed Mistress Andrea returned. Sissy in terrible pain looked at her with pleading eyes, but too afraid to speak. Mistress detached the parachute which brought a sigh of relief from sissy,  however, it quickly disappeared as she took a paddle and slapped his balls hard 5 times.  His screams and tears were uncontrollable which she allowed to continue for several minutes before pulling off the nipple clamps  causing another ripple of pain.  "I am going out for awhile and am leaving faggot on the cross to wonder about whether or not there's more of this in store for him when I return.
" she said and walked  from the room.