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Turning cuckold part 2

For the next several weeks Mistress Andrea made Robert wear only panties while he was in the house, and also under his pant's while out shopping or at work. For the first few days he tried to resist, but her threat's to kick him out of the house brought him reluctantly in-line. Aside from the occasional snicker, and asking him, as he modeled for her, how he liked the new panty he wore each day, Mistress Andrea had decided not to immediately escalate his humiliation beyond that. She did however decide that beginning the following week that she would take his sissification to the logical next step, having to wear matching bras and also make-up.
 When the following Monday morning arrived, Robert was in the kitchen making coffee, dressed only in the silk floral panty with pink and baby blue flowers over a white base that she had laid out for him the night before. "Good morning Robert" said Mistress Andrea, exaggerating the "Robert" in a mocking way.
"Good morning Mistress" he replied. "Get me a cup of coffee and then follow me to your bedroom." She instructed.

Once Mistress Andrea had decided to sissify and cuckold him, Robert was banished from her bedroom. When Robert entered his room his heart immediately sank as he saw on his bed a bra that perfectly matched the panty he was wearing.  Mistress Andrea stood looking at his expression which brought a smile to her face. "That's right Robert, time to get you into bra's" She said, and added. "You will wear them always while at home and out at the stores and elsewhere. I'll decide if you will wear them to work, it will depend upon what else you wear that day." "Please don't make me wear them Mistress." he pleaded. "Do you want to stay with me?" She calmly asked. "Yes Mistress" He meekly replied. "Then stop with your whining and resistance." She said again in a calm manner. "Now put on the bra, and since you are off of work today, I am also going to apply your make-up .You'll have to learn how to do your own make-up, but I will teach you. You are also going to learn to move femininely, no more vestiges of male hood beginning today. Understood?"  Robert didn't answer, he looked down at the floor as  tears began to stream down his cheeks.

 Mistress Andrea moved closer and gently lifted his chin, offering a soft smile which disarmed him. She gave him a moment and then slapped him very hard across the face "Understood?" She said in angry tone. "Yes Mistress"  He whimpered. "Good! Now get your bra on and come to my dressing table; and don't keep me waiting." ordered Mistress Andrea. Robert wiped the tears from his eyes, put his bra on, and helplessly walked to  Mistress Andrea's bedroom. He felt lost and weak and Mistress Andrea knew this well; it was this weakness which made her know all along that her plan to cuckold him would work..