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Turning Cuckold Part 3

Robert helplessly entered Mistress Andrea's bedroom, and saw make-up laid out on her dressing table. Mistress Andrea had purchased Robert his own make-up. "Sit down, and do so like a lady would, sit daintily." She ordered and added,  "you better be through with the tears because if you begin sobbing again and mess up your make-up I am going to slap your face even harder than before.  You chose to stay, so get over it, you are now my sissy and eventually will be my cuckold. No more tears, no more whining, no more arguing about it, understand Robert?"  "Yes Mistress," he meekly replied and almost started to cry again, but caught himself. 
"Although I will be putting your make-up on for you, I want you to pay close attention to the order in which I put it on and how I apply it. You will be practicing doing so and I will be watching as you do, but I want you to be able to do it on your own and do it well fairly quickly as there is more to your feminization that we need to address," said Mistress Andrea.

Robert didn't respond, he sat there feeling empty inside, wondering to himself why he was allowing this to happen, why he was resigning himself to this fate. Mistress Andrea began his make-up by applying foundation and then powder over it. She then added blush, applied his eyeliner and mascara, then eye shadow, and finished with lipstick and lip liner. "Mmm, I think you'll make a pretty little sissy Robert." She said and added, "look at yourself in the mirror, a pretty sissy don't you think?"

His heart sank again, but rather than say anything which might make her mad he simply replied, "yes Mistress." "Starting tomorrow you will begin to learn how to apply your make-up yourself. Now, I want to take a picture of my pretty new sissy," said Mistress Andrea. "Give me a pretty smile and a feminine pose Robert, " Mistress instructed.  "A little more limp wristed and dainty, that's it.  Come see how adorable you look,"  Robert stepped by Mistress Andrea and just blankly stared, still in disbelief that this was happening to him.

"I'm going to send you to Michelle right away," said Mistress Andrea. "Oh please don't Mistress, please!" pleaded Robert. "Why not. She responded "Michelle has already seen you in your panties, and she is going to help me feminize you." "No please!" he pleaded again, his voice quivering . "Beg all you want but I am sending you  to her, and if I see just one tear I am going to slap you so hard sissy that you will be red for days. You know why?  Because you keep being such a whinny bitch you are going to to to her yourself.  Load this on the computer and call up your email, I'll be right there."

Robert said nothing further and did as he was told. "Mistress Andrea told Robert to type..., Mistress Michelle, please find my first sissy picture, I hope that it pleases you. Mistress Andrea said that there will be more to follow in the coming days. Robert," ordered Mistress Andrea.  "I am going out for awhile," said Mistress Andrea.  In the meantime I want you to browse for some sissy stores that have maids attire and other girlie boi things and make sure that you keep track of what you see so we can shop later