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Turning Cuckold Part 4

When Mistress Andrea left, Robert remained sitting in front of the computer. He starred blankly at it awash in hopeless despair and ashamed of how weak he was to allow himself to succumb to this. The notion of getting up, removing his bra, panty and makeup, and running while he had the chance simmered inside of him, but conflicted with the passion and infatuation he had with her. "What would he do without her ?" he kept asking himself "Where would he go?" the questions pounding in his head. "Help me?" he pleaded  out loud though knowing that there was no one there to answer. Robert felt tears beginning to well and quickly composed himself. With a sigh of resignation he began to type "sissy clothes" and waited for website listings to appear. Robert scanned some, and then typed variants "sissy maids uniforms," "sissy clothes for men."  After browsing some of the sites and not being entirely sure what Mistress Andrea wanted for him.
A couple of hours passed and Mistress Andrea returned home. "Robert" She called out. Robert rose from the computer chair and walked meekly to her. "Did you do what I told you to, sissy?" asked Mistress Andrea, intentionally emphasizing the word sissy. "Yes Mistress. I wasn't exactly sure what You had in mind, but found  four sites that possibly do. I've never looked for these type clothes so please understand if I didn't find what you wanted," replied Robert. "Well let's go see what you found, sissy." Instructed Mistress Andrea, again intentionally emphasizing the word sissy. Robert proceeded to call up each site and Mistress Andrea smiled and made comments like "Oh, I think you'll look adorable in that, yes, definitely ruffled panties for my sissy, a dainty little miss you'll be in that."

After they reviewed what was available on each site, Mistress Andrea said, "you have an idea now of what specifically I have in mind,  I want you to pick out several dresses, Mary Jane style shoe's, bra's and pantie's, nightie's, sock's and stocking's. Take your time sissy in doing so, I expect you to make pretty selections. Let me know when you are done so I can review them and then we'll place orders." "Yes Mistress." responded Robert. He made his selections and then told Mistress Andrea that they were ready. "You did surprising well picking outfits for the first time sissy I only had to make a couple of changes," said Mistress Andrea, adding, "have you been hiding from me the fact that you have been a sissy all along?" "No Mistress, I haven't been, I never done this or even thought about it," responded Robert. "Hmmm, I don't know if I believe you, but it doesn't matter because you are a sissy now. If you behave and learn your lessons well, I'll give you a girl's name, in the meantime it will simply be sissy, or sissy Robert. Now go ahead and place those orders and request expedited processing and shipping, I want you dressing in those as soon as possible," said Mistress Andrea.

Robert did as he was told and realized that now there would be no going back.