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After their stroll in the park, Mistress Michelle said goodbye to Mistress Andrea. She placed her hand under Robert's chin and said "sissy!" and then laughed at him. When Robert and Mistress Andrea got into the car he said "Why?" "Why what?" asked Mistress Andrea, and then said, "why am I doing this to you? Because  I love turning weak little males into sissy boi's. Why are you allowing me to do this to you? Because you're a pathetic excuse for a male and certainly not a man. Why? Because I want to."  As she continued, tears began to run down his cheek's and Mistress Andrea screamed at him, "get out of the car, get out now you fucking sissy." Robert just sat there sobbing causing Mistress Andrea to get out of the car, yank his door open, and pull him out of the car. 

"I told you before I did not want anymore of your whimpering and tears. It's a few miles back to the house and because you are being such a cry baby you're walking back and doing so alone. Everyone will see see what a fucking sissy you are."  "No, no, I'll stop!" cried out Robert.  "Too late sissy, good luck on your own," said Mistress Andrea as she walked around the driver's side and got in. Robert reached for the door but Mistress Andrea locked it and began to back away. "Please no!" he screamed, but she drove off leaving him there. Robert ran after the car yelling, "please stop, please!" but Mistress Andrea would have none of it; he was going to learn, and learn now, that she was in control and he'd do whatever she told him or suffer the consequences.

Robert grew absolutely frantic as Mistress Andrea drove away. It was late enough in the afternoon and there were numerous people walking and cars passing by. He tried to keep his head down or  turned his face away as he was approached, but with the outfit he was dressed in everyone either knew, or fully expected, that the girl was in fact a sissy. As he made his way home he endured whistle's, laughter, call's of,  "you fucking sissy, "faggot, fucking fairy," all causing the panic to rise in him.
When he finally arrived home he meekly entered the house and found Mistress Andrea sitting in the living room sipping some wine.  He stood looking pleadingly at her, but she sat just starring at him.  After a few minutes she rose from the chair, approached him, and without saying a word, slapped him viciously across the face.  Mistress Andrea then pulled his wig off, grabbed a handful of his hair, and dragged him across the room.  She sat at the edge of the chair and while pulling his head downward ordered him to raise up the bottom of his dress.  Once his dress was raised, Mistress Andrea roughly pulled down his panty and ordered him to lay across her lap.

She proceeded to spank him hard, bringing cries and quickly reddening his ass. When the spanking stopped she pushed him off of her and onto the floor and said in a very harsh tone, "from this moment on there had better not be any more whining or complaining about what you are, a fucking sissy.  You will live as a sissy and act accordingly. You will obediently do whatever I want and whatever I say.  I am in control and if you ever forget it or try to act like I am not you'll get much more than what you just got.  Do you understand me you fucking sissy?" "Yes Mistress." he meekly replied.  "Now go kneel in a  corner of your bedroom facing the wall and for the next two hours repeat out loud, "I am a sissy"  She ordered.  Robert hurried off to his room to do as he was told; he knew better than to say anything else.