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When the two hours were up Mistress Andrea entered Robert's bedroom and told him to stand up. He did so, bowing his head as he was afraid to look at her.  His show of submission lead her to say,  "good, it seems like you're beginning to understand your place, sissy!"  She added,  "I want you to re-apply your make-up as all of your crying has ruined it, and  change into your pink maid's outfit.  Be quick about it!  I'm hungry and you are to cook my dinner. After doing so you are to clean the kitchen, wash the dishes and cookware making sure they are spotless,  then you are to spend the rest of the evening ironing my clothes, oh and sissy, if you screw up doing any of this I am going to bend you over a chair and take a belt to your ass.  Now, get moving!"  
Robert quickly took off his dress and removed his make-up.  He took care in re-applying his makeup as he didn't want to annoy Mistress Andrea and further.  Once in his maid's outfit, he quickly went to the kitchen and prepared her dinner and served it to her. Robert didn't need for Mistress Andrea her to tell him to get to his chores, as soon as she was finished he immediately began them. 
After finishing his chores, Robert entered the living room, and with head again bowed told Mistress Andrea that he had finished them.  "Knell in the corner over there facing the wall as I go and inspect what you did." She ordered.  Shortly after, Mistress Andrea returned holding a blouse that had a small wrinkle at the bottom.  "Get up!" She told him and said, "this blouse was not properly ironed. I warned you to not screw anything up, but you did. I expect perfection when sissy does his chores and even the slightest mistake, I take as sign's of carelessness and disrespect.  I will tolerate neither. Bend over that chair." 

"Please Mistress, I tried very hard to do everything well." he pleaded.  "I don't care if you tried, you didn't. Now don't say another word and get over that chair!  This day has been full of your disobedience and I will teach you the consequence of annoying and failing me," she said.  Robert bent over the chair and Mistress Andrea pulled his dress up and roughly pulled his panties down just below his ass cheek's.  "Stay put!" She ordered as she walked out of the room. Mistress Andrea returned with a thick black belt and teased it across his ass so he could feel the leather and grow anxious anticipating the blow's. As she was doing so she said,  "fifteen hard strokes with this belt will be tonight's punishment.  After each one you are to count the stroke and say, "thank you Mistress for my punishment."   Understand?"  

"Yes,  Mistress." he replied in a trembling voice. Each stroke brought scream's from Robert and he struggled threw the pain and tear's to say each count and to thank Mistress Andrea.  When she was done, his ass was crimson red and on fire, and he was sobbing.  "Get up!" she ordered and asked, "has sissy learned his lesson?"
 "Yes Mistress," he replied, as he continued to weep.

 "Get into your nightie and get to sleep.  You had better wake up tomorrow with a better disposition and  ready to please me, or so help me that ass of yours will get far worse.  "Yes Mistress, good night." he replied and he hurried off to bed..