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Turning Cuckold Part 8

When Sissy Robert woke the next morning he slipped out of his nightie, did his hair and makeup, and changed into a white and baby blue maid's dress, white bra and panty, white with baby blue trimmed anklet sock's and white Mary Jane shoe's. He immediately went to the kitchen and started to make breakfast for Mistress Andrea. As he was doing so she entered the room and he lowered his head and he turned to say good morning. Mistress Andrea walked up to him and placed a hand under his chin and raised his face. "Does sissy intend on behaving today?" she asked. "Yes Mistress" he meekly replied. "Behaving means no backtalk, no whining, no crying. Behaving means doing absolutely everything that I tell sissy to do.  Behaving means submitting to whatever I want no matter the consequence to you. Behaving means demonstrating to me the respect and devotion that I deserve. she said and added, understand sissy?" "Yes Mistress," he again meekly replied.

"Good, sissy better or as I told you last night I will beat you but good today. Oh by the way, when sissy went to bed last night I went on-line and  ordered some canes, whips, crops , paddles and floggers. I've had sissy bitches like you before and found that not only do sissie's disobey and therefore have to be punished, but that some good old fashion discipline is needed as part of your training and for learning re-enforcement. I requested expedited shipment so they'll be here by the end of the week, but don't forget I still have the belt to use in the meantime, and I will use it if you test me, sissy."  Fear grew in Sissy Robert and his face showed it which brought a smile to Mistress Andrea's face and she said, "yes, you had better be afraid and you had better fear my wrath. Sissies need to be dealt with strictly and I'm just the Mistress to do that. Now serve me my breakfast, sissy" stressing the word sissy with a degree of disdain.
Sissy Robert served Mistress Andrea her breakfast and knelt by the table in the event she wanted something else. Once she was done Mistress Andrea said, "clean things up and then get into the outfit I left out on your bed. I am going to take a shower and then we're going out to shop." Sissy Robert's face began to show panic and Mistress Andrea slapped him hard across the face and said, "you had better not start or so help you I will beat your ass so bad that you won't be able to sit for a week. Now, get moving."  Sissy Robert quickly cleaned up the kitchen and then hurried to his room. On his bed was a pair of pink legging's, a pink mid-drift t- shirt with the word sissy spelled across it, pink bra and panty set, and pink sandal pumps. His heart raced with panic and he took deep breaths trying to calm himself knowing he had no choice but to get into the outfit and behave. 
Once dressed, Sissy Robert went to the entry way and waited for his Mistress. As she approached Sissy Robert started to melt,  Mistress Andrea was stunning and always looked beautiful no matter what she wore. "Let's have a look sissy, turn slowly so I can see, she said and added, "even without the word sissy written across your shirt everyone would definitely know that is exactly what you are, and that is exactly what I want." Before leaving she placed a hand under his chin and said, "last warning sissy, behave while we are out or you are going to pay dearly later." "Sissy understands Mistress," he replied. "Good" she said "we're going to the adult store to look for some dildos, butt plugs and anal balls so I can begin your faggot training later. Let's go."