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Turning Cuckold Part 9

When they arrived back home Mistress Andrea told sissy to remove his pink mid-drift top and leggings and to wait kneeling for her in his bedroom. Shortly after Mistress Andrea entered sissy's room wearing only spiked heels and a strap-on harness with a 6inch dildo in it. "The time has come sissy to learn how to suck cock. I am going to start your training on this smaller one and work you up to sucking  at least 10 inches; and I mean all 10 inches! You are going to be sucking lots of  real cocks for me and I expect you to be the best little sissy cock slut out there, " said Mistress Andrea, adding, "some cocks that you'll be sucking might be rock hard before you even get to touch them, others may be flaccid and you'll have to do more to get them hard; either way you'll know what to do sissy. Now, since this is your first time we'll  focus on proper stroking, and licking and mouthing of both cock and balls, and let you get the feel of a cock in your mouth. You'll then progress to sucking and learning to take more and more of the cock in your mouth and down your throat. You're about to not only be a sissy but a fucking faggot as well. A sissy wearing women's clothes and make-up, and a faggot sucking men's cocks, oh and let's not forget taking cocks up that ass pussy of yours as well. Mmmm, I have a wonderful idea we'll have that ass of yours tattooed sissy on one check and faggot on the other, keep you only in thong panties and a thong bikini for the beach so that everyone will always know what you are. What do you think sissy faggot?" Sissy Robert looked at her horrified and too shaken to even answer which brought laughter from Mistress Andrea. She said,  "yes sissy faggot I think we'll plan on spelling out what you are across your ass."  
"Okay faggot, stroke the cock," ordered Mistress Andrea. "Come-on faggot do it right, I'm sure you've played with your sissy clitty." As Sissy Robert continued to stroke the cock he was doing it in a manner that appeared to be dispassionate to Mistress Andrea and she slapped him hard across the face and said, "listen to me you sissy bitch, you have no choice, you are going to suck cock and you are going to do it whenever I tell you to. If you do not start immediately showing me how much you want to suck cock for me I am going to whip you severely. Do you understand me bitch!"  "Yes Mistress," he replied. "Good now stroke the cock like a cock sucker in heat and starting licking the balls," she said angrily. "That's better, seems like the thought of punishment is a real motivator for you, well I think more than the threat of it is what you need to be kept in line."  
Sissy Robert stroked and licked as he was told, trying to think of someone doing it to him, rather than his hand and mouth doing it. He was both fearful and ashamed of what  Mistress Andrea was making him do, but he was also too weak to stop any of this. She was so beautiful and he knew that he needed to be with someone who exercised control over him, though he never expected it would come to feminization and now faggotry. "Now mouth the head of the cock, faggot, nice and slow and lovingly, lick it, suck some of it, make sure you don't use your teeth. Feels good in your mouth doesn't it faggot?  Just wait until you can take all of it and then have a hot load of cum fill your mouth and swallow it. Yes, a sissy and faggot that's what you are. Enough for now, I'll give you more training after dinner."