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A Walk in the Park with my sissy Cassie!

It was a stunning day outside, Sunday, a cool breeze on a sunny gorgeous Spring Day!
I (Mistress Andrea) decided to pick out a pretty sun dress. White with small flowers, a pair of low heels, a pretty Victoria's Secret bra and panty set, in pink with a flower on the bra cup. My makeup was perfect of course. All from Sephora. I had laid out an outfit for my sissy faggot Cassie, to wear today also, to the park, where we would sit on a bench, and look for cock for Cassie to suck.

I had Cassie dress in pink panties as well, a pink sissy outfit, and put some pale pink lipstick on faggot to accentuate it's sissy-ness. I had Cassie prepare a lunch, in my favorite picnic basket, and waited as he got it ready. Cassie was excited to be going along with me to the Park, as I love walking along the lake, and being outside this time of year. I think Cassie was also wondering if there would be any cock to suck today.

Little did Cassie know, that I had arranged to have one of my boy toys, a handsome, well endowed one, to show up, to make the day. Chad, tall, dark and handsome, sporting a 10" absolutely perfect tool.  I was planning a surprise, as sissy has been such a good sissy, making Mistress so happy. I enjoy paddling Cassie's sissy ass, when I in the mood, or having Cassie take Mistress shopping. The pleasure I get from my sissy is amazing, which is why I wanted to surprise sissy with a big cock. The fact that I have emasculated it, into a cock sucking, craving whore, is a whole other dimension of our relationship.

When we arrived at the park, Chad came over and gave me a huge greeting, kissing me on the lips, and sissy, I could see was getting increasingly excited, as it's cheeks were beet red, I knew that it was not the blush,but the fact that sissy knew this was to be a special day for it. The surprise of a gorgeous boy toy, belonging to Mistress, was more then Cassie could hope for. I let the two of them go off into the woods, I told faggot to finish him off, as I had not time for sex this evening. I was making a day of it with my faggot, Mistress Melania and myself were going to train sissy. At first I was going to freshen one of my faggot's brand's, but instead I decided to be amused otherwise.

Mistress Melania was excited about training my faggot with me. She came over to my house dressed in short and tight leather gear, very beautiful, and brought me a bag of bon bons!  I said faggot on your knees, and clean her boots, we both laughed. Once, I was satisfied that her black patent leather was shiny, I order faggot to pull it's ruffled rumba panties down, and bend over the spanking bench. Faggot scurried about, and positioned itself, so that Melania and I could take turns spanking it. I had such fun!

We both put our strap on's on, then took turns at both ends. Melania was impressed at how well I had trained faggot to suck cock, my Cassie kept begging me for more cock, and I ordered Cassie to prove what a good cock sucker it was. We would use it's ass pussy, and then have faggot suck our dildo's clean, only to re-fuck him.

Naturally, I forced faggot to cum, and lick up every drop. I can not wait till our next day out in the park!