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 - a cuckold story of submission, (sent in by an admirer)

When he arrived home from work he found his wife and her girlfriends sitting and chatting in the living room.  He meekly said hello and went to walk out of the room when his wife said, "be a good boy and get us some wine."  He responded, "yes dear." Her friends looked at each other with curious stares. They knew that she cheated on him, but they sensed that there was something more 'unusual' about their relationship, however they never dared to ask. His wife however, had decided that she wanted them and everyone else to know that he was a cuckold.  As he was about to exit the room after serving them wine his wife said in a stern voice, "don't leave!"  He turned and looked at her, and immediately grew anxious as he could tell from the tone of her voice and the mocking look on her face that she was about to humiliate him.

As he stood there she asked her friends, "do you know why I cheat on him?"  One said, "I've often wondered, he is nice looking."  "Yes I suppose he is," responded his wife "however, he isn't a real man."  "What do you mean?" asked her friend.  "I'll have him explain it to you, better yet show them boy," she ordered.  He looked at her anxiously, but in a more stern tone she said "show them!"  He slowly began to open his pants and slide them down.  She was growing impatient with his pace and scream "get your fucking pants off now!"  As he hurriedly pulled them off, his wife's girlfriends began to laugh, as they saw his pink silk panties.  "He's a sissy!" one exclaimed.  "Oh, I am making him into a little sissy, but let's show them why, and give them something to really laugh about. Take your panties off" she ordered.  As he slipped out of the panties his face reddened from the embarrassment and he stared at the floor as they women's laughter grew louder and more intense.

"What the fuck is that?" said one of the women, "that can't be his cock."  "Do they even call something like that a cock?" asked another.  "No wonder you sleep around," she continued, "why in the world did you marry him knowing that was between his legs?"  "Money and lots of it," responded his wife, "the boy make lot's of money, and I spend lot's of it.  He knows that no one else would want a useless piece of shit like him, so I decided that I'd take advantage of his money.  There's no way that he would even think of leaving me no matter how much I sleep around.  You might want to know that I make him lick my lovers' cum out of my pussy."  "Your kidding?" said one of the women.  "Am I kidding boy?" she asked him.  "No," he responded.  "No what boy?" she said.  "No, you are not kidding, I have to lick their cum from your pussy," he ashamedly replied.  "Soon he is going to be a complete sissy," his wife said.  "Skirts, dresses, heels, make-up, the whole works, and he's going to be sucking cock's to get them hard for me."  "This is priceless," said one of her friends, "I need to find me a rich dickless guy.  Know of anyone else?"  "Not at the moment, but if you put an add out, maybe you'll find one,"  responded his wife.  With that she told him, "put your panties back, on and go stand in the corner until we want something else, or we want to laugh at you some more," she ordered.  He did as he was told, he always did.  He knew he had no choice, she was right no one else would want him.