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Mistress Andrea invited the bakery man in for some tea. "Sissy Cassie, go fetch the good china, and bring us some green tea, so that we can sample some of the pastry's that the bakery man has brought over."  Mistress Andrea's friend Melania stopped by as well, Mistress instructed Cassie to set another place at the pretty table in the sunroom."  "Yes, Mistress." said Cassie excited that they were having company."  "Cassie, put your pretty pink apron on, white anklets and black Mary Jane's so that you can serve us."
Melania was very pretty, she had on a bustier and spike heels, making Cassie think that maybe she was also a Mistress during private times. " Cassie, come over here and show them the Christmas present I gave you," instructed Mistress Andrea. Sissy Cassie blushed and started to pull down his skirt and panties. After pulling down his panties and skirt Sissy Cassie turned so his left sissy ass cheek faced Melania and the bakery man showing them his new brand.  "Oh my!" exclaimed Melania, "you branded it."  "Yes," replied Mistress Andrea, "my little Sissy has been a very good little Faggot so I gave him a new one for Christmas."  "A new one, there's more?"  asked Melania.  "Why yes." replied Mistress Andrea,  "Sissy Cassie, before you show them the others tell Melania and the bakery man what the new brand means."  "Yes Mistress,"  replied Sissy Cassie,  "it means Andrea's bitch.  Isn't it pretty?"  "Now Sissy show them the other sissy ass cheek and tell them what that brand means,"  instructed Mistress Andrea.  Sissy turned and said, "this one means Andrea's Faggot."  "Now show them the other Sissy."  said Mistress Andrea.  Sissy turned so they could see the A in the heart on its right thigh. "Well," said Melania,  "they all look very nice."  "Thank you, Ms Melania."  said Sissy.  "Sissy is very proud that Mistress Andrea has chosen to own him and that she has branded him with her ownership marks. Sissy wants very much to belong to Mistress Andrea and to be Her Faggot Bitch and Slave".

Melania and the bakery man chuckled as they admired Mistress's  handiwork on Faggot's ass. "I think I should let the Faggot show you his talents. I have been training him to be a good cock sucker," said Mistress Andrea.  Then she ordered "Faggot get on your knees, and take his cock out, he has a big one, let's show them how skilled you have become."  Melania laughed as the man stood, so Faggot could unzip him..

Faggot took the man's cock out and as Mistress Andrea had said it was very big.  "Melania," said Mistress Andrea,  "My little Faggot Sissy Boy's sweet faggot mouth has been craving for some big cock, and  I must say that I do love to see it filled with one."  Melania smiled and the man said,  "Faggot sucked my cock pretty good the first time I was here, but if  he has had training since I'm expecting the best blowjob I've ever had."  "Get to it Faggot," instructed Mistress Andrea, and the man added, "Faggot once my cock gets hard I am going to  fuck your face like I was pounding your sissy ass pussy."   Faggot began to stroke the man's cock as he licked the head and then gently mouthed it.  As the man's cock slowly began to get hard Faggot licked up and down the shaft and licked and mouthed his balls as well. Faggot then took the man's cock into his mouth and sucked it, occasionally stopping to lick the head and shaft, then sucking the cock some more.  As the man could feel that he was almost about to cum, he grabbed Faggot by the back of the head and began to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Faggot's mouth, pounding his  face and saying, "come on you fucking Faggot take it, take it you fucking Bitch, come on Bitch".  The man  thrust faster and faster and exploded his cum down Faggot's throat.  "Swallow it you fucking Fag, swallow it. "Faggot swallowed all of the cum and after he had the man took his cock out of  Faggot's mouth and wiped it over Faggots face which caused Mistress Andrea and Ms Melania to laugh.

Mistress Andrea, smiled and looked at her Faggot, "good job my little cock sucker, but I have a surprise for you now."  Mistress Andrea handed Melania a small silver bag, she reached inside and took out 2 big strap - on's one was black and the other was white.  Mistress Andrea said, "Faggot we are going to fill both of  your whore holes; while we are putting these on, keep the bakery man's cock warm in those Faggot lips of yours. Maybe you should beg him for some more cum soup, while you are at it."
  As Mistress Andrea and Melania  went into the bedroom to change, Faggot got on his knees thrilled at the thought of being able to suck the man's large cock again.  Faggot loved how his cock felt as it grew and got thicker in his mouth.  Faggot also loved when the man fucked his  face as he was about to cum and then exploded his cum into his  mouth.  Faggot was also excited that his Mistress and Ms. Melania  were going to fuck his mouth and ass pussy at the same time.  Faggot loved being humiliated by two very beautiful women and  having both of its holes filled with cocks.
The bakery man ordered Faggot to take his cock into his mouth and suck it. Faggot sucked his cock taking all of it into his mouth.  As the man  began to thrust his cock faster into Faggot's mouth, Faggot moved his head back and forth to keep pace as he wanted the man to cum in his mouth again.  The man looked over at Mistress as she and Ms Melania stood waiting with large dildo's ready in their strap-ons. Mistress gave the man an approving nod and he grabbed Faggot's head and exploded his cum down his  throat.  As he pulled his cock out of  Faggot's mouth Faggot hungrily licked it clean and slurped up  the leftover cum  that oozed out.
When Faggot was done cleaning the man Mistress Andrea and Ms Melania walked over to Faggot and Mistress told him to  get on all fours. Mistress moved behind Faggot and Ms. Melania moved in front of his face.  "Suck her cock, Faggot" ordered Mistress.  Faggot began to lick the head before Ms. Melania put it into his mouth.  As he was licking Melania's cock, Mistress spread Faggot's sissy ass cheeks and forced her cock into his ass pussy.  Faggot moaned as Mistress went pushed the cock further and further in. Mistress and Ms. Melania moved their cocks in and out of  Faggot's whore holes.  Mistress forced  her cock all the way inside of him as she pressed herself up against Faggot's ass cheeks.  She gradually began to pound Faggot's ass and laughed as she heard his moans muffled by the large cock that Ms. Melania was fucking his mouth with.  After a bit Mistress told Ms. Melania to change places.  When Ms. Melania moved behind Faggot she asked Mistress if she should wait to fuck him until Mistress had cleaned her cock.  "No, go ahead, I am not stopping, he is a Faggot, faggot's are little pieces of shit so shoving a cock with some shit on it into his mouth or making him lick it clean first is only natural," said Mistress.  "Lick it clean, Faggot," ordered Mistress Andrea.  Faggot did as he was told and when he was done Mistress told him to suck it.  Mistress and Ms. Melania fucked Faggot's holes hard and Mistress began to press herself against Faggot's face forcing her cock all the way in and causing Faggot to gag.  As she face fucked him Mistress kept saying "that's it Faggot gag on it, gag on it, you fucking Bitch Whore."  As Mistress and Ms. Melania were fucking Faggot the bakery man stood  by stroking his cock.  He told Mistress that he was about to cum. With that Mistress told Ms. Melania come around in front of Faggot and told the man to cum on Ms Melania's cock.  When he did Mistress pulled her cock out of Faggot's mouth and told Ms. Melania to shove her shit and cum laden cock into Faggot mouth. "Suck it clean you Faggot bitch," ordered Mistress as they all laughed watching Faggot suck away.  When the cock was clean Mistress order Faggot to crawl to the bathroom and said, "take-up your toilet position, Melania and I have some golden nectar to wash Faggots cum bucket out with."