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She stood in front of the mirror admiring her perfect body and applying her makeup. "You are so very beautiful," he said, as he knelt nearby watching her. "Yes I am," she replied, "too bad you grew up with a short worthless pencil dick, if you hadn't, you would be the one having the pleasure of fucking me."  She looked over at him with a smirk on her face, "oh don't feel so bad I did marry you anyway didn't I?" she said. "Yes," he replied, " I still wonder at times why I did, but then it comes back quickly to me, it was for your money," she laughed.

He watched as she dressed herself in a sexy black lace bra and panty, black thigh highs, very short low cut black dress and 4 inch black pumps. "So how do I look?" she asked him.  "Stunning," he replied.  "Yes, I'd have to agree, I bet that little dick of yours is getting all excited as you look at me and wish that you were the one who was going to be fucking me tonight. I am going to a club where there are nothing but well built, well hung men.  So many choices, white guys, black guys, Latinos, all real men with big thick cocks, unlike my little boy," she said to him in a mocking tone.  Then she added, "is that little dick of yours hard, there's no way for anyone to tell?" "Yes," he replied.  "Well then why don't you open your pants and relieve yourself, I'll even watch, as it will only take you a couple of seconds."

 He opened his pants and took out his cock. She broke out in laughter and said "three fingers and four or five stokes should  do it."  He took out his little cock and began to stroke, just as she expected, after a few strokes  he came.  She began to laugh again and said, "I don't know if I will bring a real man home and have you watch, or just have him fuck me where the mood suits us."  With that she turned and left, leaving him with his now even smaller prick in his hand.

The hours passed by seeming like days and his head spun as he wondered where she was and who she was with. He fell asleep in a living room chair and began to wake as he heard the sound of the key turning in the lock.  He looked at his watch and it was 4 am.  She walked into the room alone and looking at him asked, "did my sweet little man miss me?"  "Yes dear," he replied.  "How nice" she replied, and added, "as you can see there's no one here with me, but don't fret I did get fucked, in fact he fucked me with his big, thick cock several times and I do have something for you. "Get on your knees boy and lick my beautiful pussy clean," she instructed as she hiked up her dress.  He looked and saw that her panties weren't on, and before he could ask she said, "he was such a good lover that I gave them to him as a remembrance of me.  Now lick my pussy clean and and swallow his cum."

 He was always humiliated having to do this, but she never left him a choice, it was either do it or be thrown out of the house.  After licking her she said, "for doing such a good job little man I am going to give you a special treat. You may lick my ass hole for 5 minutes, make sure that you get your tongue all the way up there and do it good, or no more special treats for the little man."  He licked her ass hole passionately as he gratefully accepted whatever little pleasures of her body she offered. "That's enough little man," she said, "come help me get undressed so I can get to sleep, and then off you go to your bed in the closet."  With that, the night ended, but he knew there'd be more of the same to come.  But he knew that was his existance if he wanted to remain with her.