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-New Sissy Cock Sucking Story!

Mistress Andrea had decided that since it was such a nice day out, that she would take her sissy out to the park and have it pick up a guy there and suck his cock for her.  Mistress Andrea had sissy dress in a pink skirt and top, pink bra and panties, black thigh hi stockings with pink bows at the top, and pink open toe sandal pumps.  Mistress told sissy to sit in a chair in front of her make-up table and Mistress Andrea applied sissy's foundation, then some blush to highlight its cheeks.  Mistress Andrea put long false eyelashes on sissy, then applied pink eye shadow in two different shades, and pink lip plumper on its cocksucker lips.  Mistress then brushed it's hair and put pink ribbon bows on each side,  one towards the front, and, one slightly back. Mistress told sissy to stand so she could inspect it.  "Hmm, while it will be obvious to everyone that it is a little sissy faggot,  I think there should be no doubt; go get its sissy faggot dog collar and bring it to me," said Mistress Andrea.  Sissy Cassie did as it was told and brought the collar to Mistress.  Mistress Andrea fixed it around her sissy's neck and gave it one more look. "Yes that's much better," said Mistress Andrea, "okay we're ready to go." 

When they arrived at the park they walked awhile until they reached the place where Mistress knew that guys hung out looking for blowjobs.  Mistress took her Vogue magazine and went over and sat on the bench, crossing her long, shapely, legs, and waited to see who the Faggot, would bring over, for her amusement.   Mistress instructed sissy to wiggle off and find a guy to suck.  Sissy prissily walked back and forth by them a few times, wrist daintily limp and sissy hip's swaying;  to see if anyone had a particular interest.  After a  few moments a very good looking and well built young man in his 20's approached sissy and asked if it was with anyone.  Sissy started to blush, as it couldn't believe how yummy he was and answered, "sissy's Mistress is sitting on the bench over there and wants sissy to find a cock to suck."  "Well that's good because I want my cock sucked," said the stud.  "We can go in the bushes over there."   "Sissy will have to tell Mistress, and she will want to watch, will that be okay?" responded sissy.  "Sure I don't care,"  he answered.  Sissy hurried over to Mistress and told her that it, had found a guy to suck.  Mistress stood up and walked with sissy, as Mistress saw the guy she said, "vVery nice choice sissy, very nice indeed."  Sissy just smiled at Mistress, it's heart was racing with the excitement of being able to suck off this gorgeous guy. 

When they approached the guy simply nodded at Mistress and lead them to the bush area.  He then asked Mistress if it would be okay there, and she told him yes.  Mistress told sissy to take out its hanky and place it on the ground so that it's stocking's would not get ruined.  Once sissy was on its knee's it slowly unzipped the guy's pants and reached in and took out his beautiful cock.  As Mistress had taught it, sissy began licking and mouthing the head slowly,  and as his cock began to grow it licked up and down the shaft.  Sissy then began to take the cock into its mouth and sucked slowly but hungrily, it's eyes looking up at him and Mistress.  Sissy loved how the cock felt growing in its mouth.  Sissy continued to suck, trying to take all of the cock which was very big and thick.  As the guy began to get ready to orgasm, he placed his hands behind sissy's head and drove his cock deeper and faster into its mouth.  He looked at Mistress and  told Her he was about to come. "Fill My little faggot cum bucket up" she said, and he proceeded to explode in sissy's mouth. "Swallow all of it faggot, and when he's done lick him clean don't leave or waste a drop."  Sissy swallowed and licked up all of the cum and when it was done took the guys cock and put it back in his pants.  While still kneeling sissy thanked the guy and Mistress.  "Very good faggot," said Mistress,  now I think its time to go home I'm in the mood to use the little faggot myself!

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