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Sissy Cassie has just finished changing into the outfit that Mistress Andrea has laid out for it. Sissy hurriedly makes it's way to the living room to return to her. It is very excited as Mistress has promised it a suprise for being an expecially good sissy this week. As sissy enters, Mistress is sitting and talking to her friend Mistress Alana; kneeling at Mistress's feet, head bowed is Her Sissy Jennifer. Mistress Andrea tells sissy to serve them some wine, after which it kneels before her as well. Mistress Andrea then tells the sissy's to raise their heads and tells the sissies that she, and Mistress Alana  have discussed how all week, their sissies have been good. The two beautiful Mistress's have decided on a suprise, must to the sissy's delight. The Mistress's will allow the sissy's to play with each other.  Mistress Andrea also says, that it is a suprise, but she is allowing it, mostly because she wants to be amused.

First, the sissy's are instructed to stand up and to kiss. Sissy Jen and Sissy Cassie have never been together like this before and gently take each other's hands and kiss softly on the lips.  After allowing this for a few minutes, Mistress Alana says, "Now sissy's no cause to be shy, show us some passion, this is all too boring."  Mistress Andrea then adds "sissy's, off with your tops and skirts."  Sissy's then follow the instructions and move closer and begin tongue kissing.  Soon the kisses grow more passionate and the sissy's begin to move against each other. Sissy Cassie slides one hand down to Sissy Jen's thigh, and then touches the front of her panty. Sissy Cassie moves it's hand away quickly, realizing that Mistress had not given it permission to touch Sissy Jen there, however, Mistress Andrea tells Sissy Cassie not to stop, and to continue doing what it was doing. Sissy Cassie puts it's hand inside Sissy Jen's panty and touches it's sissy clit, and then gets on it's knees and pulls it's panty down. Sissy Cassie then puts Sissy Jen's sissy clit, in it's mouth and begins sucking and licking it. Both sissy's now become more excited.  Mistress Alana tells Sissy Cassie to stop, she instructs it to lay on it's back. 

"Pull down Sissy Cassie's panty," She now instructs the other sissy, "and now both of you 69 to climax."  The sissy's are about to cum, but, Mistress Andrea tells them to stop.  Mistress Andrea tells the sissy's not to be disappointed because there is more to the suprise. "Both of you fags wait in the bedroom." Off they prance and Mistress Alana now says "I had better go keep on eye on these sissy's, there is no telling what they might do to each other, if left unsupervised."  Now the sissy's are in Sissy Cassie's bedroom,  Mistress Alana tells them to lay on the bed and to  kiss and cuddle but no touching or grinding  their clits.  As Mistress Andrea enters the room, she bursts out in laughter and says "this is really is a suprise!" 

The two sissy's look up and see Mistress Andrea  holding a long two headed dildo.  Mistress Alana, says "I think we need to help the sissy's started,"  Mistress Andrea agrees and orders the sissy's to get on their backs, ass's facing one another, legs pulled back to their chests.  The Mistresses lubricate each end of the dildo and insert them into the sissy's holes. Sissy Jen and Sissy Cassie reach out for each others hands and pull towards each other taking more and more of the dildo into their sissy ass pussy's. Once it is fully in, the Sissy's ride and wiggle on the big double ended dildo. 

The two beautiful Mistresses amuse themselves ridiculing the sissy's for being faggots.  After they had been fucking for a while Mistress Andrea says, "If the two faggots can stop fucking long enough to put these pink condoms on, I will let the faggot's cum."  The sissy's continue to fuck the dildo grinding their sissy asses against one another. All the while the two fags continue to masturbate and amuse the two Mistresses.  Mistress orders the sissy's to cum.  Mistress Andrea tells them to carefully take off the condoms, making sure that no cum is spilled. She wants the faggots to lick and suck it all out and swallow every drop. The sissy's eagerly suck out the cum and swallow it. Once this is done,  Mistress Alana tells the Sissy's to get cleaned up and that she and Sissy Jen will be leaving soon. The fags clean up and make their way back to the living room, holding hands and stealing a kiss.

Now the sissy's enter the room and kneel before their Mistress's and ask for permission to speak. They want to thank them, for their suprise. As Mistress Alana and Sissy Jen are about to leave, Mistress Andrea looks at both sissy's and says, "Don't be sad sissy's, maybe some day, we will let you sissy's spend an entire night together in faggot bliss!" The sissy's still look sad, and Mistress Alana now says, "I do believe that our sissy's have fallen into faggot love!"  Mistress Andrea laughs in agreement and says,  "Okay, Sissy's one last kiss and then it's off to fairy dream land."  When they leave Mistress instructs Sissy Cassie to go to bed, it's thoughts go to how much it loves Mistress, and also to if it will ever be with Sissy Jen again.

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Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute

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